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National legislation

Foodstuffs Act.

Article 2 defines the application sphere of the Act. The Minister for the Environment, hereafter referred to as the Minister, shall be ultimately responsible for matters covered by this Act, insofar as they are not entrusted to other Ministers. The Environmental and Food Agency of Iceland...
1995 (2000)

Food, Feed, Fertilizer, and Seed Products Control Act.

The Act provides with respect to registration and licensing of operators (producers of and traders in feed, fertilizers and planting material), exportation of products, traceability, inspection and enforcement, and appeal with the Minister of decisions taken by the Food and Veterinary Authority. ...

Law on the production, pricing and sale of agricultural products.

This Law concerns the enhancement of agricultural and livestock production in Iceland. It shall also promote equal market conditions for food producers. It establishes the Agricultural Production Council, which is a cooperative forum for all agricultural producers in the country and their associations. It also...
1993 (2003)

Act No. 55 respecting Control and Inspection of Fish and Fish Produce 1968.

This Act governs the control and inspection of fish and fish products. It deals with the landing, handling, processing and export of fish and fish products. It defines the powers pertaining to the above stages of production vested into the Minister of Fisheries, the State Fish...

Act No. 85 relating to toxic and hazardous substances.

Sections II and III lay down provisions applicable to toxic and hazardous substances respectively. The substances may be produced only upon permission issued by the Minister. They shall be sold and delivered in strong and well closed containers (arts. 8 and 10). Section IV lays down...

Regulation No. 103 concerning supervision of the importation of plants.

Live plants and parts thereof with earth sticking thereto, e.g. trees, scrubs, perennial plants, vegetables with roots, bulbs, potatoes and other tubers, cabbage, plants for planting, potted plants and the like may be imported into Iceland only if the consignments are accompanied by a health certificate...

Act on the Handling, Processing and Distribution of Marine Products.

The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority shall be responsible for the implementation of this Act and rules issued under it. ...
1998 (2011)
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