Codex across the supply chain in the USA

Photo gallery examining the role of Codex from farm to fork.

Photos by Sue Price


食品法典由粮农组织和世卫组织于1963年创建,旨在制定统一协调的国际食品标准,保护消费者健康并促进开展公平的食品贸易。阅读更多 ...


STAN-319 Canned Fruits
STAN-320 Quick Frozen Vegetables
STAN-321 Ginseng Products
CAC/GL-86 Guidelines for Trichinella
CAC/GL-2 Nutrition Labelling


法典标准用以确保食品的安全性并可以进行贸易。188个法典成员在与食品质量安全相关的所有领域就基于科学的建议进行谈判,包括:食品卫生;食品添加剂最高限量;农药及兽药残留;以及防止化学和微生物污染的最大限量和规范。法典的食品安全规定可用以解决世贸组织贸易争端。 阅读更多 ...


CCEXEC72 Executive Committee: Geneva 30 August - 1st September 2016
CCPFV28 Processed Fruits and Vegetables: Washington DC 12-16 September 2016
CCNASWP14 RCC NASWP: Vanuatu 19-22 September 2016
CCASIA20 RCC ASIA: New Delhi 26-30 September 2016
RCC EURO: Astana Kazakhstan 03-07 October 2016


CCPR 10 years in China


Discover how Codex texts work together to guarantee food safety and ensure fair practices in food trade.

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