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Reference Title Committee Last modified
CODEX STAN 107-1981General Standard for the Labelling of Food Additives when sold as suchCCFA2016
CODEX STAN 150-1985Standard for Food Grade SaltCCFA2012
CODEX STAN 106-1983General Standard for Irradiated FoodsCCFH2003
CODEX STAN 193-1995General Standard for Contaminants and Toxins in Food and FeedCCCF2018
CODEX STAN 1-1985General Standard for the Labelling of Prepackaged FoodsCCFL2018
CODEX STAN 228-2001General Methods of Analysis for ContaminantsCCMAS2004
CODEX STAN 151-1985Standard for GariCCCPL2013
CODEX STAN 152-1985Standard for Wheat FlourCCCPL2016
CODEX STAN 153-1985Standard for Maize (Corn)CCCPL1995
CODEX STAN 155-1985Standard for Degermed Maize (Corn) Meal and Maize (Corn) GritsCCCPL1995
CODEX STAN 169-1989Standard for Whole and Decorticated Pearl Millet GrainsCCCPL1995
CODEX STAN 171-1989Standard for Certain PulsesCCCPL1995
CODEX STAN 172-1989Standard for Sorghum GrainsCCCPL1995
CODEX STAN 173-1989Standard for Sorghum FlourCCCPL1995
CODEX STAN 176-1989Standard for Edible Cassava FlourCCCPL2013
CODEX STAN 178-1991Standard for Durum Wheat Semolina and Durum Wheat FlourCCCPL1995
CODEX STAN 198-1995Standard for RiceCCCPL1995
CODEX STAN 199-1995Standard for Wheat and Durum WheatCCCPL1995
CODEX STAN 200-1995Standard for PeanutsCCCPL1995
CODEX STAN 201-1995Standard for OatsCCCPL1995
CODEX STAN 202-1995Standard for CouscousCCCPL1995
CODEX STAN 86-1981Standard for Cocoa ButterCCCPC2016
CODEX STAN 87-1981Standard for Chocolate and Chocolate ProductsCCCPC2016
CODEX STAN 105-1981Standard for Cocoa powders (cocoas) and dry mixtures of cocoa and sugarsCCCPC2016
CODEX STAN 3-1981Standard for Canned SalmonCCFFP2013
CODEX STAN 36-1981Standard for Quick Frozen Finfish, Uneviscerated and Eviscerated CCFFP2017
CODEX STAN 37-1991Standard for Canned Shrimps or PrawnsCCFFP2018
CODEX STAN 90-1981Standard for Canned Crab MeatCCFFP2018
CODEX STAN 92-1981Standard for Quick Frozen Shrimps or PrawnsCCFFP2017
CODEX STAN 95-1981Standard for Quick Frozen LobstersCCFFP2017
CODEX STAN 119-1981Standard for Canned FinfishCCFFP2018
CODEX STAN 165-1989Standard for Quick Frozen Blocks of Fish Fillets, Minced Fish Flesh and Mixtures of Fillets and Minced Fish FleshCCFFP2017
CODEX STAN 166-1989Standard for Quick Frozen Fish Sticks (Fish Fingers), Fish Portions and Fish Fillets - Breaded or in BatterCCFFP2017
CODEX STAN 167-1989Standard for Salted Fish and Dried Salted Fish of the Gadidae Family of FishesCCFFP2018
CODEX STAN 189-1993Standard for Dried Shark FinsCCFFP1993
CODEX STAN 190-1995Standard for Quick Frozen Fish FilletsCCFFP2017
CODEX STAN 191-1995Standard for Quick Frozen Raw SquidCCFFP1995
CODEX STAN 141-1983Standard for Cocoa (Cacao) Mass (Cocoa/Chocolate Liquor) and Cocoa CakeCCCPC2016
CODEX STAN 19-1981Standard for Edible Fats and Oils not Covered by Individual StandardsCCFO2017
CODEX STAN 33-1981Standard for Olive Oils and Olive Pomace OilsCCFO2017
CODEX STAN 17-1981Standard for Canned ApplesauceCCPFV2017
CODEX STAN 38-1981Standard for Edible Fungi and Fungus ProductsCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 39-1981Standard for Dried Edible FungiCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 40R-1981Regional Standard for Fresh Fungus "Chanterelle"CCEURO1981
CODEX STAN 42-1981Standard for Canned PineappleCCPFV1987
CODEX STAN 60-1981Standard for Canned RaspberriesCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 62-1981Standard for Canned StrawberriesCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 66-1981Standard for Table OlivesCCPFV2013
CODEX STAN 67-1981Standard for RaisinsCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 99-1981Standard for Canned Tropical Fruit SaladCCPFV2017
CODEX STAN 115-1981Standard for Pickled Cucumbers (Cucumber Pickles)CCPFV2017
CODEX STAN 131-1981Standard for Unshelled Pistachio NutsCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 143-1985Standard for DatesCCPFV1985
CODEX STAN 88-1981Standard for Corned BeefCCPMPP2015
CODEX STAN 89-1981Standard for Luncheon MeatCCPMPP2015
CODEX STAN 96-1981Standard for Cooked Cured HamCCPMPP2015
CODEX STAN 97-1981Standard for Cooked Cured Pork ShoulderCCPMPP2015
CODEX STAN 98-1981Standard for Cooked Cured Chopped MeatCCPMPP2015
CODEX STAN 145-1985Standard for Canned Chestnuts and Canned Chestnut PuréeCCPFV2017
CODEX STAN 160-1987Standard for Mango ChutneyCCPFV1987
CODEX STAN 41-1981Standard for Quick Frozen PeasCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 52-1981Standard for Quick Frozen StrawberriesCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 69-1981Standard for Quick Frozen RaspberriesCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 75-1981Standard for Quick Frozen PeachesCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 76-1981Standard for Quick Frozen BilberriesCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 103-1981Standard for Quick Frozen BlueberriesCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 110-1981Standard for Quick Frozen BroccoliCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 113-1981Standard for Quick Frozen Green and Wax BeansCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 279-1971Standard for ButterCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 280-1973Standard for Milkfat ProductsCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 281-1971Standard for Evaporated MilksCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 282-1971Standard for Sweetened Condensed MilksCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 283-1978General Standard for CheeseCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 284-1971Standard for Whey CheesesCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 288-1976Standard for Cream and Prepared CreamsCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 289-1995Standard for Whey PowdersCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 290-1995Standard for Edible Casein ProductsCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 263-1966Standard for CheddarCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 266-1966Standard for GoudaCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 270-1968Standard for TilsiterCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 271-1968Standard for Saint-PaulinCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 272-1968Standard for ProvoloneCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 276-1973Standard for CamembertCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 278-1978Standard for Extra Hard Grating CheeseCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 108-1981Standard for Natural Mineral WatersCCNMW2011
CODEX STAN 13-1981Standard for Preserved TomatoesCCPFV2017
CODEX STAN 117-1981Standard for Bouillons and ConsommésCCSB2015
CODEX STAN 53-1981Standard for Special Dietary Foods with Low-Sodium Content (Including Salt Substitutes)CCNFSDU1983
CODEX STAN 73-1981Standard for Canned Baby FoodsCCNFSDU2017
CODEX STAN 74-1981Standard for Processed Cereal-Based Foods for Infants and Young ChildrenCCNFSDU2017
CODEX STAN 118-1979Standard for Foods for Special Dietary Use for Persons Intolerant to GlutenCCNFSDU2015
CODEX STAN 156-1987Standard for Follow-up formulaCCNFSDU2017
CODEX STAN 180-1991Standard for Labelling of and Claims for Foods for Special Medical PurposesCCNFSDU1991
CODEX STAN 181-1991Standard for Formula Foods for Use in Weight Control DietsCCNFSDU1991
CODEX STAN 203-1995Standard for Formula Foods for Use in Very Low Energy Diets for Weight ReductionCCNFSDU1995
CODEX STAN 12-1981Standard for HoneyCCS2001
CODEX STAN 182-1993Standard for PineapplesCCFFV2011
CODEX STAN 183-1993Standard for PapayaCCFFV2011
CODEX STAN 184-1993Standard for MangoesCCFFV2005
CODEX STAN 185-1993Standard for NopalCCFFV2005
CODEX STAN 186-1993Standard for Prickly PearCCFFV2005
CODEX STAN 187-1993Standard for CarambolaCCFFV2005
CODEX STAN 188-1993Standard for Baby CornCCFFV2005
CODEX STAN 196-1995Standard for LitchiCCFFV2011
CODEX STAN 197-1995Standard for AvocadoCCFFV2013
CODEX STAN 163-1987Standard for Wheat Protein Products Including Wheat GlutenCCVP2001
CODEX STAN 174-1989General Standard for Vegetable Protein Products (VPP)CCVP1989
CODEX STAN 205-1997Standard for BananasCCFFV2005
CODEX STAN 204-1997Standard for MangosteensCCFFV2005
CODEX STAN 246-2005Standard for RambutanCCFFV2005
CODEX STAN 242-2003Standard for Canned Stone FruitsCCPFV2017
CODEX STAN 236-2003Standard for Boiled Dried Salted AnchoviesCCFFP2003
CODEX STAN 244-2004Standard for Salted Atlantic Herring and Salted SpratCCFFP2018
CODEX STAN 298R-2009Regional Standard for Fermented Soybean Paste (Asia)CCASIA2013
CODEX STAN 316-2014Standard for Passion FruitCCFFV2014
CODEX STAN 206-1999General Standard for the Use of Dairy TermsCCMMP1999
CODEX STAN 207-1999Standard for Milk Powders and Cream PowderCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 208-1999Group Standard for Cheeses in BrineCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 210-1999Standard for Named Vegetable OilsCCFO2017
CODEX STAN 211-1999Standard for Named Animal FatsCCFO2015
CODEX STAN 213-1999Standard for LimesCCFFV2011
CODEX STAN 214-1999Standard for Pummelos CCFFV2011
CODEX STAN 215-1999Standard for GuavasCCFFV2011
CODEX STAN 216-1999Standard for ChayotesCCFFV2011
CODEX STAN 217-1999Standard for Mexican LimesCCFFV2011
CODEX STAN 218-1999Standard for GingerCCFFV2005
CODEX STAN 219-1999Standard for Grapefruits CCFFV2011
CODEX STAN 220-1999Standard for LongansCCFFV2011
CODEX STAN 237-2003Standard for PitahayasCCFFV2011
CODEX STAN 238-2003Standard for Sweet CassavaCCFFV2013
CODEX STAN 245-2004Standard for OrangesCCFFV2011
CODEX STAN 241-2003Standard for Canned Bamboo ShootsCCPFV2015
CODEX STAN 240-2003Standard for Aqueous Coconut Products - Coconut Milk and Coconut CreamCCPFV2003
CODEX STAN 154-1985Standard for Whole Maize (Corn) MealCCCPL1995
CODEX STAN 250-2006Standard for a Blend of Evaporated Skimmed Milk and Vegetable FatCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 251-2006Standard for a Blend of Skimmed Milk and Vegetable Fat in Powdered FormCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 252-2006Standard for a Blend of Sweetened Condensed Skimmed Milk and Vegetable FatCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 253-2006Standard for Dairy Fat SpreadsCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 249-2006Standard for Instant NoodlesCCCPL2018
CODEX STAN 239-2003General Methods of Analysis for Food AdditivesCCMAS2004
CODEX STAN 192-1995General Standard for Food AdditivesCCFA2018
CODEX STAN 255-2007Standard for Table GrapesCCFFV2011
CODEX STAN 256-2007Standard for Fat Spreads and Blended SpreadsCCFO2017
CODEX STAN 257R-2007Regional Standard for Canned Humus with TehenaCCNE2007
CODEX STAN 258R-2007Regional Standard for Canned Foul MedamesCCNE2007
CODEX STAN 259R-2007Regional Standard for TehenaCCNE2007
CODEX STAN 72-1981Standard for Infant Formula and Formulas for Special Medical Purposes Intended for InfantsCCNFSDU2016
CODEX STAN 260-2007Standard for Pickled Fruits and VegetablesCCPFV2017
CODEX STAN 57-1981Standard for Processed Tomato ConcentratesCCPFV2017
CODEX STAN 307-2011Standard for Chilli PeppersCCFFV2011
CODEX STAN 304R-2011Regional Standard for Culantro Coyote (LAC)CCLAC2011
CODEX STAN 305R-2011Regional Standard for LucumaCCLAC2011
CODEX STAN 301R-2011Regional Standard for Edible Sago Flour (Asia)CCASIA2011
CODEX STAN 306R-2011Regional Standard for Chilli Sauce CCASIA2017
CODEX STAN 221-2001Group Standard for Unripened Cheese including Fresh CheeseCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 222-2001Standard for Crackers from Marine and Freshwater Fish, Crustaceans and Molluscan ShellfishCCFFP2018
CODEX STAN 223-2001Standard for KimchiCCPFV2017
CODEX STAN 224-2001Standard for TanniaCCFFV2011
CODEX STAN 226-2001Standard for Cape GooseberryCCFFV2011
CODEX STAN 227-2001General Standard for Bottled/Packaged Drinking Waters (Other Than Natural Mineral Waters)CCNMW2001
CODEX STAN 231-2001General Methods for the Detection of Irradiated FoodsCCMAS2003
CODEX STAN 234-1999Recommended Methods of Analysis and SamplingCCMAS2018
CODEX STAN 243-2003Standard for Fermented MilksCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 311-2013Standard for Smoked Fish, Smoke-Flavoured Fish and Smoke-Dried FishCCFFP2018
CODEX STAN 312-2013Standard for Live Abalone and for Raw Fresh Chilled or Frozen Abalone for Direct Consumption or for further ProcessingCCFFP2016
CODEX STAN 310-2013Standard for PomegranateCCFFV2013
CODEX STAN 297-2009Standard for Certain Canned VegetablesCCPFV2015
CODEX STAN 296-2009Standard for Jams, Jellies and MarmaladesCCPFV2017
CODEX STAN 294R-2009Regional Standard for GochujangCCASIA2009
CODEX STAN 146-1985General Standard for the Labelling of and Claims for Prepackaged Foods for Special Dietary UsesCCFL2009
CODEX STAN 300-2010Standard for Bitter CassavaCCFFV2013
CODEX STAN 299-2010Standard for ApplesCCFFV2010
CODEX STAN 291-2010Standard for Sturgeon CaviarCCFFP2018
CODEX STAN 302-2011Standard for Fish SauceCCFFP2018
CODEX STAN 308R-2011Regional Standard for Harissa (Red Hot Pepper Paste)CCNE2011
CODEX STAN 309R-2011Regional Standard for Halwa TeheniaCCNE2011
CODEX STAN 303-2011Standard for Tree TomatoesCCFFV2011
CODEX STAN 77-1981Standard for Quick Frozen SpinachCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 78-1981Standard for Canned Fruit CocktailCCPFV2017
CODEX STAN 111-1981Standard for Quick Frozen CauliflowerCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 112-1981Standard for Quick Frozen Brussels SproutsCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 114-1981Standard for Quick Frozen French Fried PotatoesCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 130-1981Standard for Dried ApricotsCCPFV1981
CODEX STAN 177-1991Standard for Desiccated CoconutCCPFV2011
CODEX STAN 70-1981Standard for Canned Tuna and BonitoCCFFP2018
CODEX STAN 94-1981Standard for Canned Sardines and Sardine-Type ProductsCCFFP2018
CODEX STAN 254-2007Standard for Certain Canned Citrus FruitsCCPFV2013
CODEX STAN 262-2006Standard for MozzarellaCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 264-1966Standard for DanboCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 265-1966Standard for EdamCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 267-1966Standard for HavartiCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 268-1966Standard for SamsøCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 269-1967Standard for EmmentalCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 273-1968Standard for Cottage CheeseCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 274-1969Standard for CoulommiersCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 275-1973Standard for Cream CheeseCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 277-1973Standard for BrieCCMMP2018
CODEX STAN 247-2005General Standard for Fruit Juices and NectarsTFFJ2005
CODEX STAN 175-1989Standard for Soy Protein ProductsCCVP1989
CODEX STAN 170-1989Standard for Pearl Millet FlourCCCPL1995
CODEX STAN 212-1999Standard for SugarsCCS2001
CODEX STAN 225-2001Standard for AsparagusCCFFV2005
CODEX STAN 293-2008Standard for TomatoesCCFFV2008
CODEX STAN 292-2008Standard for Live and Raw Bivalve MolluscsCCFFP2015
CODEX STAN 313R-2013Regional Standard for TempeCCASIA2017
CODEX STAN 314R-2013Regional Standard for Date Paste (Near East)CCNE2013
CODEX STAN 315-2014Standard for Fresh and Quick Frozen Raw Scallop ProductsCCFFP2017
CODEX STAN 320-2015Standard for Quick Frozen VegetablesCCPFV2017
CODEX STAN 321-2015Standard for Ginseng ProductsCCPFV2015
CODEX STAN 319-2015Standard for Certain Canned FruitsCCPFV2018
CODEX STAN 317-2014Standard for DurianCCFFV2014
CODEX STAN 318-2014Standard for OkraCCFFV2014
CODEX STAN 322R-2015Regional Standard for Non-Fermented Soybean ProductsCCASIA2017
CODEX STAN 329-2017Standard for Fish OilsCCFO2017
CODEX STAN 325R-2017Regional Standard for Unrefined Shea ButterCCAFRICA2017
CODEX STAN 323R-2017Regional Standard for Laver ProductsCCASIA2017
CODEX STAN 326-2017Standard for Black, White and Green PeppersCCSCH2017
CODEX STAN 327-2017Standard for CuminCCSCH2017
CODEX STAN 328-2017Standard for Dried ThymeCCSCH2017
CODEX STAN 331-2017Standard for Dairy Permeate PowdersCCMMP2017
CODEX STAN 324R-2017Regional Standard for YaconCCLAC2017
CODEX STAN 330-2018Standard for AuberginesCCFFV2018
CODEX STAN 332R-2018Regional Standard for DooghCCNE2018