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كازاخستان التنسيق للدستور الغذائي في أوروبا

قامت الهيئة، خلال دورتها المنعقدة في يوليو/تموز 2017، بتعيين كازاخستان رسميا باعتبارها المنسق الجديد لإقليم أوروبا، وهي المرة الأولى التي يشغل فيها بلد من آسيا الوسطى هذا المنصب.

يبلغ عدد أعضاء لجنة التنسيق لأوروبا حاليا 52 عضوا: 51 بلدا عضوا ومنظمة عضو واحدة (الاتحاد الأوروبي). ويعتبر فريق الدستور الغذائي، الذي تستضيفه وزارة الرعاية الصحية لجمهورية كازاخستان، الجهة المسؤولة عن إدارة العمل كمنسق لإقليم أوروبا.

وهذه الصفحات هي الوسيلة التي يمكن من خلالها تقديم وتبادل أية معلومات أساسية ضرورية ومواقف وغير ذلك من وثائق لجنة تنسيق الدستور الغذائي في أوروبا وأعضائها.


أخبار من الإقليم

Kazakhstan supports World Food Safety Day

On the eve of the World Food Safety Day which is celebrated around the world on June, 7 2020 the collegium session aimed to implementation of the State Health Development Program of Kazakhstan for 2020 – 2025 (hereinafter – Program) was held at the Ministry of Healthcare on May 29, 2020. One of the main priority of this Program is “Formation of population’s commitment to healthy lifestyle and developing public health services”. Workshops for capacity building of food producers to develop [...]
19 June 2020

World Food Safety Day campaign in the Russian social media

The 2nd World Food Safety Day (WFSD) took place on 7 June 2020 to raise awareness and inspire action to contribute not only to food security and human health, but also sustainable development. This Day proved to be of special value in the unprecedent time of the COVID-19 pandemic as the food safety is a shared responsibility of all sectors and society as a whole. The WHO Country Office in the Russian Federation used this year’s theme “Food safety, everyone’s business” to [...]
19 June 2020

Food Safety is always a priority for Armenia!

FAO Armenia is closely collaborating with the Food Safety Inspectorate of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, which implements assessment of food products conformity with the applicable standards, regulates the administration of veterinary and sanitary services, as well as ensures control and imposes sanctions acting on behalf of the Republic of Armenia. To celebrate the World Food Safety Day (WFSD) this year, the Head of the Food Safety Inspection Body Mr Georgi Avetisyan delivered a video speech, congratulating everyone on [...]
18 June 2020

EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy for a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system

The European Green Deal sets out how to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. The Farm to Fork Strategy is at the heart of the Green Deal. The strategy is also central to the European Commission’s agenda to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. A shift to a sustainable food system can bring environmental, health and social benefits, offer economic gains and ensure that the recovery from the crisis puts us onto a sustainable path. The European Union [...]
15 June 2020

Celebrating the World Food Safety Day in Turkey

On 7 June, the Bursa Food Engineer’s Chamber organized a food safety panel with representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry, WHO Country Office and Consumer right association. The panellists insisted on the need to team up across sectors to improve food safety and stressed the importance of collaboration on risk evaluation, management and collaboration.  The panel discussed the mechanisms to be implemented to strengthen the collaboration between FAO, OIE and WHO to implement the [...]
15 June 2020

FAO Interview - Europe and Central Asia - adapting to maintain food safety in times of COVID-19

Mary Kenny, FAO food safety and consumer protection officer for the Europe and Central Asia region spoke in a recent interview from Budapest about how all those involved in food safety will need to adapt in order to maintain the safety and integrity of the food supply chain and support international trade. Read the full interview here on the FAO regional web pages. Photo credit © UN Ukraine/Volodymyr Shuvayev       
11 June 2020

Food Nation promotes Danish food safety and quality

Food quality and safety is key to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the growing population is pressuring food producers to provide a sufficient supply of healthy, safe and accessible food. On the second observance of World Food Safety Day (7 June 2020), Food Nation used the occasion to promote the Danish food quality and safety and urge action by highlighting what everyone can do to ensure food safety. This happened, among other things, during a webinar on Monday June 8, [...]
10 June 2020

#AskESFA Twitter Q&A explores shared responsibility of food safety

A live Twitter Q&A hosted by the European Food Safety Authority in collaboration with the Codex Alimentarius Commission answered questions about the #OneHealth approach, sustainable #foodsystems and the shared responsibility of #foodsafety. Bernhard Url, Executive Director EFSA teamed up with Tom Heilandt, Codex Secretary to tackle a range of challenging food safety issues that you can read about by following the Twitter thread below:   EFSA WFSD Twitter Q&A
09 June 2020

University POLITEHNICA Timisoara, Romania holds poster competition

The Faculty of Industrial Chemistry and Environmental Engineering, University POLITEHNICA Timisoara, Romania is joining the WHO and FAO campaign on World Food Safety Day by organizing the Youth and Food Safety Competition. Because the day is 7th of June, 7 themes on food chain components that greatly impact food safety are proposed to middle school, high school and college students for a poster presentation. The aim is to raise awareness on food safety importance, to inform and to involve more and [...]
08 June 2020

Luxembourg launches online quiz for World Food Safety Day

Luxembourg has launched an online quiz ( on food safety topics (from 3 until 14 June, available in French and Luxemburgish) to celebrate the World Food Safety Day edition 2020. A press communication (in French) accompanied the launch of the quiz and shares the links to the EFSA website, to the new F2F strategy and to the results of the Eurobarometer 2019. The press release was also published on the national food safety website using communication materials of the WHO and FAO campaign [...]
06 June 2020
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