Electronic Working Groups

The list of Electronic Working Groups (eWG)  provides basic information about the eWGs that each Codex Committee establishes when deciding to develop work between sessions.

Below is the list of the eWGs that have been created since the 39th Commission in 2016.

Use the search box for keywords or click on column headings to order the list. Click on the title of the eWG to view the details for a single group. To see the terms of reference and work schedule click on the invitation link and download the file.

If the eWG is working on the discussion board forum you will also see a "forum" link.

The closing date indicated is the intial planned deadline for the working group before the circulation of a report.

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Committee Lang Host CO-host Reg. deadline Closing date Status Links
Proposed draft guideline for ready-to-use therapeutic foods CCNFSDU38 English, French South Africa Senegal, Uganda 01/02/2017 Invitation
Proposed draft definition for biofortification CCNFSDU38 English Zimbabwe South Africa 31/01/2017 Invitation
Revision of the General Principles of Food Hygiene CCFH48 English, French, Spanish United Kingdom France, Ghana, India, Mexico, United States of America 27/01/2017 30/06/2017 Invitation Forum
Review of the standard for follow-up formula CCNFSDU38 English New Zealand France, Indonesia 20/01/2017 Invitation Forum
Discussion paper to propose a possible definition of edible offal tissue and specify edible offal tissues of interest in international trade CCRVDF23 English Kenya 15/01/2017 30/09/2017 Invitation Forum
Guidance for histamine control in the Codex of Practice for Fish and Fishery Products (CAC/RCP 52-2003) and sampling plans for histamines in standards for fish and fishery products CCFH48 English Japan United States of America 15/01/2017 30/06/2017 Invitation
Discussion paper on the feasibility of establishing MRLs for groups of fish species for veterinary drugs being considered by JECFA / CCRVDF CCRVDF23 English Norway Japan 01/01/2017 01/09/2017 Invitation Forum
Proposed draft regional standard for fermented noni juice CCNASWP14 English Tonga 18/12/2016 19/01/2018 Invitation Forum
Identify priority veterinary drugs and identify information gaps for a successful and comprehensive assessment by JECFA CCRVDF23 English, Spanish United States of America Costa Rica 16/12/2016 05/12/2017 Invitation Forum
Standard for Quinoa CCCPL English, Spanish Bolivia (Plurinational State of) United States of America 15/01/2016 22/10/2016 Invitation Forum
Proposed draft regional Standard for kava as a beverage when mixed with cold water CCNASWP14 English Vanuatu 31/05/2018
Revised proposed draft standard for Oregano CCSCH3 English Mexico, Turkey
Group standard for “dried roots, rhizomes, and bulbs” (dried or dehydrated ginger) CCSCH3 English Nigeria
Group standard for “dried roots, rhizomes, and bulbs” (dried garlic) CCSCH3 English India Mali
Group standard for “dried fruits and berries” (dried chili peppers and paprika) CCSCH3 English India Argentina
Group standard for “dried leaves” (basil) CCSCH3 English Egypt Sudan
Group standard for “dried floral parts” (saffron and cloves) CCSCH3 English India Iran (Islamic Republic of), Nigeria, Sri Lanka
Group standard for “dried seeds” (nutmeg) CCSCH3 English Indonesia
Alignment of food additives provisions in standards for fats and oils (except fish oils) and technological justification for use of emulsifiers in FC 02.1.2 of the GSFA CCFO25 English European Union
Consider proposals on new substances to be added to the list of acceptable previous cargo (Appendix II to RCP 36-1987) CCFO25 English Malaysia
Discussion paper on the applicability of the fatty acid composition of other oils listed in Table 1 in relation to their corresponding crude form in the Standard for Named Vegetable Oils (CODEX STAN 210-1999) CCFO25 English United States of America
Proposed draft revision of the Standard for Named Vegetable Oils (CODEX STAN 210- 1999) CCFO25 English Argentina Brazil, European Union
Revision of the Standard for Named Vegetable Oils (CODEX STAN 210-1999): Inclusion of walnut oil, almond oil, hazelnut oil, pistachio oil, flaxseed oil and avocado oil CCFO25 English Iran (Islamic Republic of) India
Revision of the Standard for Olive Oils and Pomace Olive Oils (CODEX STAN 33-1981) CCFO25 English Spain Argentina, Canada
Alignment of the food additive provisions of commodity standards and relevant provisions of the GSFA CCFA49 English Australia United States of America
Food additive provisions of the GSFA CCFA49 English United States of America
Revision of the Class Names and the International Numbering System for Food Additives CCFA49 English Iran (Islamic Republic of) Belgium
Discussion paper on the use of nitrates (INS 251, 252) and nitrites (INS 249, 250) CCFA49 English European Union Netherlands
Proposed draft regional standard for dried meat CCAFRICA22 English, French Botswana, Côte d'Ivoire, Morocco
Proposed draft regional standard for fermented cooked cassava based products CCAFRICA22 English, French Cameroon Benin, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria
Proposed draft regional standard for gnetum spp leaves CCAFRICA22 English, French Cameroon Nigeria
Proposed draft NRV-NCD for EPA and DHA long chain omega-3 fatty acids CCNFSDU38 English Russian Federation Chile
Alignment of food additive provisions in standards developed by CCNFSDU CCNFSDU38 English European Union Russian Federation
Updated on: 19-12-2016
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