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لجنة الدستورالغذائي المعنية بالتوابل و الأعشاب الطهي
26/04/2021 - 30/04/2021 | كوتشي ، ولاية كيرالا, الهند

Update 11/06/2020

The 5th Session of the Codex Committee on Spices and Culinary Herbs has been rescheduled to 26-30 April 2021.

All work scheduled for consideration by CCSCH5 will continue through the seven (7) electronic working groups (EWGs) within the mandate given by CCSCH4 (2019). The EWGs will report on their progress to CCSCH5 (2021).

Additional information on next steps and further updates will be published here as soon as they become available.

المستندات ذات الصلة

العنصروصفتاريخ التحميل
الوثيقة المرجعية
1Provisional Agenda25/02/2020
CX/SCH 21/5/1
3.1Comments at Step 6 in reply to CL 2019/98/OCS-SCH09/06/2020
CX/SCH 21/5/3 Add.1
4.1Comments at Step 6 in reply to CL 2019/97/OCS-SCH09/06/2020
CX/SCH 21/5/4 Add.1
5.1Comments at Step 6 in reply to CL 2019/95/OCS-SCH09/06/2020
CX/SCH 21/5/5 Add.1
5.2Comments at Step 6 in reply to CL 2019/94/OCS-SCH09/06/2020
CX/SCH 21/5/6 Add.1
6.1Comments at Step 6 (Replies to CL 2019/96/OCS-SCH)13/06/2020
CX/SCH 21/5/7 Add.1
8.1Proposed Draft Standard for Dried Nutmeg 19/06/2020
CX/SCH 21/5/9
8.2Comments at Step 3 - Reply to CL 2020/38-SCH21/11/2020
CX/SCH 21/5/9_Add.1
9All files zip collection