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Comité del Codex sobre Métodos de Análisis y Toma de Muestras
17/05/2021 - 21/05/2021 | Budapest, Hungría

Codex Committee on Methods of Analysis and Sampling / meeting rescheduled

Update 1 April 2020

All work on the review of CXS 234: dairy package and fats and oils package; and the guidelines on sampling (CXG50) will continue through EWGs within the mandate given by CCMAS40 in 2019.
EWGs will report on their progress to CCMAS41 in 2021.

Comments should continue to be submitted within the deadlines stipulated in the respective circular letters.

Additional information on the next steps for the remaining items of work in the provisional agenda and further updates will be published here as they become available.

Update 20/4/2020

The meeting is now scheduled to be held from 17-21 May 2021 in Budapest, Hungary.

Additional information on next steps and further updates will be published here as soon as they become available.

Update 29 April 2020

An online discussion group on method’s endorsement has been established and will be managed by the USA and Australia. The aim of the discussion group is to facilitate preparation for the PWG on endorsement which is scheduled to meet immediately prior to CCMAS41 in May 2021. Members/observers interested in joining this discussion group can register at:

Usergroup name: CCMAS-endorsement-discussion

The outcomes of the discussion group will be made available as a CRD for consideration by the PWG on endorsement.


Documents listed below are kept on the webpage to facilitate submission of comments and information in reply to circular letters. They may be further revised based on the replies submitted to these CLs and further considered in the EWGs throughout 2020 with a view to their submission to the Codex Secretariat in early 2021 for consideration by CCMAS41.

Documentos relacionados

TemaDescripciónFecha de carga
Documento de referencia
2.1Cuestiones remitidas al Comité por la Comisión del Codex Alimentarius y otros órganos auxiliares10/02/2020
CX/MAS 20/41/2
3.1Ratificación de las disposiciones sobre métodos de análisis y planes de muestreo en las normas del Codex 14/02/2020
CX/MAS 20/41/3
8Documento de debate sobre los criterios para seleccionar métodos del Tipo II de entre los múltiples métodos del Tipo III16/03/2020
CX/MAS 20/41/10
5.2Revisión de las Directrices sobre la incertidumbre en la medición: Respuestas a la carta circular CL 2019/80-MAS 14/03/2020
CX/MAS 20/41/7
5.1Revision of the Guidelines on Measurement Uncertainty18/02/2020
REP19/MAS, Appendix IV
6Documento de información: Directrices sobre la incertidumbre en la medición17/03/2020
CX/MAS 20/41/8
4.2Examen de los métodos de análisis en CXS 234: conjuntos manejables para grasas y aceites23/03/2020
CX/MAS 20/41/5
1Programa provisional09/01/2020
CX/MAS 18/40/1
7Revisión de las Directrices generales sobre muestreo (CXG 50-2004)05/05/2020
CX/MAS 20/41/9
4.1Examen de los métodos de análisis en CXS 234: Conjunto manejable para productos lácteos29/04/2020
CX/MAS 20/41/4
4.11Solicitud de observaciones sobre el examen de la Norma CXS 234: conjuntos manejables para productos lácteos y para grasas y aceites04/05/2020
CL 2020/29/OCS-MAS
7.1Solicitud de observaciones sobre el Anteproyecto de revisión de las Directrices generales sobre muestreo (CXG 50-2004) 14/05/2020
CL 2020/27/OCS-MAS
5.11Solicitud de observaciones en el trámite 6 sobre el Proyecto de revisión de las Directrices sobre la incertidumbre en la medición24/04/2020
CL 2019/80/OCS-MAS
6.1Request for comments: (i) the proposed revised Guideline on Measurement Uncertainty (ii) Information document on procedures for the estimation of measurement uncertainty; and (iii) criteria to select Type II methods from multiple Type III methods04/05/2020
CL 2020/31/OCS-MAS
102information on methods for endorsement28/05/2019
103All files zip collection