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Commission du Codex Alimentarius
06/07/2020 - 11/07/2020 | TBC,


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made it impossible to convene physical meetings and therefore severely impacted the Codex calendar of sessions in 2020.

This has also affected CAC43 which will NOT meet physically at the dates originally announced.
The Secretariat has recently received clearance from FAO and WHO to convene a virtual session of CAC43 on 24 to 26 September, and 12 and 19 October 2020, subject to the endorsement of two thirds of the Members of the Codex Alimentarius Commission. All Members have now been invited to endorse this proposal and the outcome of the endorsement process should be available by the end of August 2020.

Further updates will be published here as soon as they become available.

Documents apparentés

PointDescriptionDate de téléchargement
Référence du document
10Modifications à apporter aux normes et textes apparentés du Codex26/05/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/11
9Interruption de travaux20/05/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/10
8Propositions de nouveaux travaux21/05/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/9
7Révocation de textes du Codex20/05/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/8
6Adoption de textes du Codex à l’étape 521/05/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/6
4Amendements au Manuel de procédure20/05/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/3
11Questions soumises à la Commission par les comités du Codex28/05/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/12
101Fonds fiduciaire FAO/OMS du Codex Rapport annuel 2019 09/07/2020
8.1Propositions de nouveaux travaux11/07/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/9 Add.1
8.3Propositions de nouveaux travaux11/07/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/9 Add.2
14Designation of Countries Responsible for Appointing the Chairpersons of Codex Subsidiary Bodies12/08/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/15
2.1Rapport du Président sur la soixante-dix-huitième session du Comité exécutif12/08/2020
2.2Rapport du Président sur la soixante-dix-neuvième session du Comité exécutif12/08/2020
5Adoption finale de textes du Codex 14/08/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/4-Rev.1
7.1Revocation of Codex texts31/07/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/8 Add.1
5.2Final adoption of Codex texts11/08/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/4 Add.1 Rev.1
5.1Comments - Final Adoption of Codex Texts04/06/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/5-Rev.1
8.2Comments - Proposals for new work03/07/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/9 Add.2
6.1Comments - Adoption of Codex Texts at Step 507/07/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/7-Rev.1
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