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Comité du Codex sur les additifs alimentaires
14/03/2016 - 18/03/2016 | Xi'an, Chine

General Information

The 48th Session of CCFA and the Working Group on the General Standard on Food Additives (Physical Working Group on GSFA) will be held at the Xi'an Jianguo Hotel.
The hotel is located in No.2 Huzhu Road, Beilin District, Xi'an City. A location of the map is available on the right side.

The 48th Session of CCFA will be held during 14-18 March 2016. The physical working group on GFSA will be held during 11-12 March 2016.


The participants of the meeting should provide the relevant information through the online registration system (please see link here below) by 15 February 2016. Login and password for the online registration have been provided to all Codex Contact Points and Contact Point of Observers Organizations. If the login and password have not been received, please contact

The participants will have to complete the mandatory second part of the registration procedure at the registration desk. The registration desk will be located outside the meeting hall. Participants will be expected to finish this procedure on:
Friday11 March 2015, starting at 8 am,
Monday 14 March 2015, from 8 am to 9:30 am.


The documents for the session are available in English, French and Spanish and will be placed on the Codex website as soon as they are prepared. We kindly remind you to obtain all documentation from the Codex website prior to the meeting. Only conference room documents will be available on spot.

Translation and Interpretation Service

The documents for the 48th CCFA meeting are available in English, French and Spanish. Simultaneous interpretation for the session as well as the physical working group meeting on GFSA will be provided in English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

Visa Arrangements

Delegates should check with their local Chinese Embassy or Consulate as to whether they need a visa to enter China. For those delegates that require a visa, visa application forms are available from the following website:
The delegates from the countries that haven’t established diplomatic relationship with China, could acquire the visa from the adjacent country which has established diplomatic relationship with China.
Delegates who need an individual invitation for visa application, please inform the CCFA secretariat before January 5, 2016.

More information are available in the Information for Delegates document in the table here below.

Documents apparentés

PointDescriptionDate de téléchargement
Référence du document
1Ordre du jour provisoire14/10/2015
CX/FA 16/48/1
5.2Avant-projet de disposition relative aux extraits de quillaia (SIN 999 (I), (II)) 26/11/2015
CX/FA 16/48/9
5.4Emplois et niveaux d'emploi de l'extrait de paprika (SIN 160C (II))27/11/2015
CX/FA 16/48/10
9Avant-projet de révision des sections 4.1(C) et 5.1(C) de la Norme générale pour l’étiquetage des additifs alimentaires vendus en tant que tels (CODEX STAN 107-1981)30/11/2015
CX/FA 16/48/18
5.8Avant-projet de révision de la catégorie d'aliments 01.1 “Lait et boissons lactées” et ses sous-catégories11/12/2015
CX/FA 16/48/12
3.1Questions d’intérêt découlant de la FAO et de l’OMS et de la 80ème réunion du Comité mixte FAO/OMS d’experts des additifs alimentaires (JECFA)11/12/2015
CX/FA 16/48/3
5.1Emploi de la nisine (sin 234) dans la catégorie d'aliments 08.3.2 en général et en particulier dans les produits qui relèvent des normes de produits correspondants21/12/2015
CX/FA 16/48/8
4.2Alignement des dispositions relatives aux additifs alimentaires des normes de produits sur les dispositions correspondantes de la NGAA29/01/2016
CX/FA 16/48/6
7.3Information sur l’utilisation commerciale du: sulfate acide de potassium (SIN 515(ii)), sorbate de sodium (SIN 201) et sulfite acide de calcium (SIN 227) (réponses à la CL 2015/9-FA Partie C, point 9)19/01/2016
CX/FA 16/48/16
14Document d’information sur les dispositions relatives aux additifs alimentaires dans les normes de produits 27/10/2015
FA/48 INF/02
2Questions soumises par la Commission du Codex Alimentarius et d'autres organes subsidiaires08/01/2016
CX/FA 16/48/2
3.2Avant-projet de normes d’identité et de pureté des additifs alimentaires découlant de la 80e réunion du JECFA07/12/2015
CX/FA 16/48/4
5.9Document de discussion sur l’emploi de certains additifs alimentaires dans la production du vin19/01/2016
CX/FA 16/48/13
6Avant-projet de révision du système international de numérotation pour les additifs alimentaires (CAC/GL 36-1989)27/11/2015
CX/FA 16/48/14
8Document de discussion sur l’emploi d’additifs secondaires01/03/2016
CX/FA 16/48/17
5.6Propositions de nouvelles et /ou la révision des dispositions relatives aux additifs alimentaires de la NGAA 23/02/2016
CX/FA 16/48/11
7.1Proposition d’additions et de modifications à la Liste prioritaire des additifs alimentaires proposés pour évaluation par le JECFA (réponses à la CL 2015/11-FA)07/03/2016
CX/FA 16/48/15
3.3Avant-projet de normes d’identité et de pureté des additifs alimentaires découlant de la quatre-vingtième réunion du JECFA23/02/2016
CX/FA 16/48/4-Add.1
9.1Avant-projet de révision des sections 4.1.c et 5.1.c de la Norme générale pour l’étiquetage des additifs alimentaires vendus en tant que tels (CODEX STAN 107-1981) - Observations à l'étape 301/03/2016
CX/FA 16/48/18-Add.1
6.1Avant-projet de révision du Système International de Numérotation (SIN) des additifs alimentaires (CAC/GL 36-1989) - Observations à l'étape 3 01/03/2016
CX/FA 16/48/14-Add.1
5.81Avant-projet de révision de la catégorie d’aliments 01.1 «Lait et boissons lactées» et ses sous-catégories - Observations à l'étape 329/02/2016
CX/FA 16/48/12-Add.1
4.1Confirmation et/ou révision des limites maximales pour les additifs alimentaires et les auxiliaires technologiques dans les normes Codex15/01/2016
CX/FA 16/48/5
101Provisional Annotation of Agenda10/03/2016
13Document d’information sur la NGAA 27/10/2015
FA/48 INF/01
5Les dispositions sur les additifs alimentaires dans les tableaux 1 et 2 dans les categories d'aliments 01.2 jusqu'a 08.4, a l'exclusion des categories d'aliments,,,, 05.1.1, 05.1.3 et 05.1.4 - en attente du CCFA4714/10/2015
CX/FA 16/48/7
0Information for Delegates14/12/2015
3.4Additional Comments at Step 308/03/2016
CX/FA 16/48/4 Add.2
5.3Additional Replies 08/03/2016
CX/FA 16/48/9 Add.1
5.7Additional Replies08/03/2016
CX/FA 16/48/11 Add.1
5.82Additional Comments at Step 308/03/2016
CX/FA 16/48/12 Add.2
6.2Additional Comments at Step 308/03/2016
CX/FA 16/48/14 Add.2
7.2Additional Replies08/03/2016
CX/FA 16/48/15 Add.1
7.4Additional Replies08/03/2016
CX/FA 16/48/16 Add.1
5.5Additional Replies08/03/2016
CX/FA 16/48/10 Add.1
111List of Standards Developed by Abolished or Adjourned Committees and the Corresponding Food Additive Provisions10/03/2016
CRD11 - Agenda 4b
112Comments on Agenda Item 510/03/2016
113Comments on Agenda Item 5(a) and 5(b)10/03/2016
114Comments on Agenda Item 5(c)10/03/2016
115Comments on Agenda Item 5(d)10/03/2016
116Comments on Agenda Item 5(e)10/03/2016
123Revocation of Related Food Additive Provisions from Some Commodity Standards10/03/2016
CRD23 - Agenda 7b
125Comments of Egypt and CEFIC11/03/2016
CRD25 - Agenda 5a-e
126Proposal From Japan11/03/2016
CRD26 - Agenda 5e
118Comments on Agenda Item 5(f)13/03/2016
121Comments on Agenda Item 7(a)13/03/2016
128Comments of Japan13/03/2016
CRD28 - Agenda 4b
129Codex Standards with Aluminium Containing Food Additives13/03/2016
CRD29 - Agenda 3b
106Comments on Agenda Item 213/03/2016
107Comments on Agenda Item 3(a)13/03/2016
108Comments on Agenda Item 3(b)13/03/2016
109Comments on Agenda Item 4(a)13/03/2016
119Comments on Agenda Item 5(g)13/03/2016
120Comments on Agenda Item 613/03/2016
127Comments on Agenda Item 913/03/2016
122Comments of Kenya13/03/2016
CRD22 - Agenda 3a, 5e, 5f, 5g and 8
130Proposal of NATCOL13/03/2016
CRD30- Agenda 10
124Comments on Agenda Item 813/03/2016
110Comments on Agenda Item 4(b)14/03/2016
117Revised Proposal for Revision of Food Category 01.1 “Milk and Dairy-Based Drinks” and Its Sub-Categories Taking into Account Comments Made in the Add.1 Document for Consideration by the Plenary14/03/2016
CRD17 - Agenda 5f
131Comments of AIDGUM14/03/2016
CRD31 -Agenda 7a
132Comments of Uruguay14/03/2016
CRD32 - Agenda 5g
102Report of the Physical Working Group on the General Standard for Food Additives15/03/2016
CRD2 - Agenda 5a-e
104Report of the In-session Working Group on International Numbering Sytem (INS) for Food Additives 15/03/2016
CRD4 - Agenda 6
103Report of the In-session Working Group on Endorsement and/or Revision of Maximum Levels for Food Additives and Processing Aids in Codex Standards16/03/2016
CRD3 - Agenda 4a and 4b
133Follow-up on the revision of Section 4.1c and 5.1c of the General Standard for the Labelling of Food Additives When Sold As Such (CODEX STAN 107-1981)16/03/2016
CRD33 - Agenda 9
134Statement of OIV17/03/2016
CRD34 - Agenda 5g
105Report of the In-session Working Group on Priorities for evaluation by JECFA18/03/2016
CRD5 - Agenda 7a
10Additional Comments at Step 314/03/2016
CX/FA 16/48/18 Add.2 rev
0.1Side event on the role of JECFA for CCFA23/03/2016


Agenda Item 5: The documents listed under Agenda Item 5 (a-e) will form the basis for the discussion of the physical Working Group on the GSFA. The report of the Working Group will be made available as a CRD at the meeting and will be considered under this item.