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Comité du Codex sur la nutrition et les aliments diététiques ou de régime
05/12/2016 - 09/12/2016 | Hambourg, Allemagne

General Information

The 38th Session of the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses will be held at the Ramada Hotel Hamburg-Bergedorf from 5th-9th December.
The opening session will start at 10:00 am on Monday, 5th December 2016
For more information please see the document "Information for Delegates" in the table below.

Working Groups

The Physical Working Group on the Review of the Standard for Follow-up Formula will be held at the same venue on Saturday 3rd December 2016 from 9:00 to 17:00.

Side Events

1. "Approaches in generating scientific advice for nutrition – A review of current practices" (see attached) - Tuesday 6th December 13:15-14:45

JEMNU Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference and Rules of Procedure for the FAO/WHO Joint Expert Meetings on Nutrition (JEMNU) are here available.


The participants of the meeting should provide the relevant information (names, official titles and addresses) through the online registration system by accessing the following link, at the latest by 5th December 2016:

The login and password for the online registration have been provided to all Codex Contact Points and Contact Point of Observers Organizations. If the login and password have not been received, please contact:
Instructions for registration can be found at:

At the meeting, participants will be able to complete the mandatory second part of the registration procedure. This will take place in the lobby of the Hotel on:

Saturday 3 December 2016, starting at 8 am

Monday 5 December 2016, starting at 7.30 am

The participants will receive identification badges and all necessary organisational information. Identification badges must be visible and worn during the whole meeting.


Delegates are requested to bring their own documentation to the meeting.
This documentation is available in English, French and Spanish in the table here below.
Conference Room Documents and any additional documents will be available in the Conference Room.


Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in English, French, Spanish and German during the meeting.


Presentations made during the side event are available here.


Wi-Fi will be available at the meeting venue so working documents and other information can also be downloaded during the meeting.

Documents apparentés

PointDescriptionDate de téléchargement
Référence du document
1Ordre du jour provisoire21/09/2015
CX/NFSDU 16/38/1
8Avant-projet de ligne directrice pour les aliments thérapeutiques prêts à l'emploi (RUTF) 22/08/2016
CX/NFSDU 16/38/9
6Avant-projet de définition de la biofortification24/08/2016
CX/NFSDU 16/38/7
7Avant-projet sur une VNR-MNT pour les acides gras oméga 3 à longue chaîne basés sur l’EPA et le DHA31/08/2016
CX/NFSDU 16/38/8
5Révision de la Norme pour les préparations de suite (CODEX STAN 156-1987) 05/10/2016
CX/NFSDU 16/38/6
4.1Projet de VNR-B pour la vitamine E21/10/2016
CX/NFSDU 16/38/4
8.1Avant-projet de directive pour les aliments thérapeutiques prêts à l'emploi (RUTF)18/10/2016
CX/NFSDU 16/38/9-Add.1
6.1Avant-projet de définition de la biofortification17/10/2016
CX/NFSDU 16/38/7-Add.1
9Document de travail sur l'allégation « sans » d'acides gras trans 15/11/2016
CX/NFSDU 16/38/10
4.2Avant-projet de valeurs nutritionnelles de référence supplémentaires ou révisées aux fins d’étiquetage dans les Directives concernant l’étiquetage nutritionnel (Vitamine D et les équivalents alimentaires et facteurs de conversion pour la vitamine E,) (observations à l’étape 3)08/11/2016
CX/NFSDU 16/38/5
7.1Avant-projet sur une VNR-MNT pour les acides gras oméga 3 à longue chaîne basés sur l’EPA et le DHA (Observations à l’étape 3) 08/11/2016
CX/NFSDU 16/38/8-Add.1
2Questions soumises au Comité par la Commission du Codex Alimentarius et/ou d'autres organes subsidiaires 10/11/2016
CX/NFSDU 16/38/2
10Alignement des dispositions sur les additifs alimentaires dans les normes élaborées par le CCNFSDU 15/11/2016
CX/NFSDU 16/38/11
11Autres questions et travaux futurs 15/11/2016
CX/NFSDU 16/38/12
5.1Observations sur la révision de la Norme pour les préparations de suite (CODEX STAN 156-1987)30/11/2016
CX/NFSDU 16/38/6-Add.1
3Questions découlant de la FAO et l’OMS 02/12/2016
CX/NFSDU 16/38/3
100Répartition des Compétences entre l'Union Européenne et ses Etats membres12/08/2016
102Révision de la Norme Codex Pour Les Préparations De Suite (CODEX STAN 156-1987) - Rapport du groupe de travail physique05/12/2016
Rapport 15/05/2017
0.1Information for delegates11/07/2016
6.2Proposed Draft Definition for Biofortification (comments at Step 3)17/11/2016
CX/NFSDU 16/38/7 Add.2
7.2Proposed draft NRV-NCD for EPA and DHA Long Chain Omega-3 fatty acids (comments at Step 3)17/11/2016
CX/NFSDU 16/38/8 Add.2
8.2Proposed Draft Guideline for Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods (comments at Step 3)17/11/2016
CX/NFSDU 16/38/9 Add.2
5.2Review of the Standard for Follow-up Formula (CODEX STAN 156-1987) (comments at Step 3)28/11/2016
CX/NFSDU16/38/6 Add.2
103Review of the standard for follow-up formula: comments of India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, African Union (Agenda 5)03/12/2016
104Matters referred to the committee by the Codex Alimentarius Commission and/or other subsidiary bodies - Comments of European Union, Kenya, African Union, IDF and ISDI (Agenda 2)04/12/2016
105Draft NRV-R for vitamin E - Comments of India, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru and the African Union (Agenda 4a)04/12/2016
106Proposed draft additional or revised nutrient reference values for labelling (Vitamin D and the dietary equivalents and conversion factor for Vitamin E) - Comments of India, Indonesia, Malaysia, African Union, NHF (Agenda 4b)04/12/2016
107Proposed draft definition for Biofortification - Comments of Ecuador, European Union. India, Nigeria, Peru, Thailand and the African Union (Agenda 6)04/12/2016
108Proposed draft NRV-NCD for EPA and DHA long chain Omega-3 fatty acids - Comments of Ecuador, the European Union, Peru, Thailand and the African Union (Agenda 7)04/12/2016
109Proposed Draft Guideline for Ready-to-use Therapeutic Foods - Comments of Ecuador, El Salvador, European Union, India, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Thailand, African Union and FEDIOL (Agenda 8)04/12/2016
110Discussion paper on claim for “free” of trans fatty acids - Comments of India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, United States of America, African Union, IDF and IFMA (Agenda 9)04/12/2016
111Alignment of food additive provisions in standards developed by CCNFSDU - Comments of Nigeria, Thailand, African Union, IFMA and ISDI (Agenda 10)04/12/2016
112Other business and future work - Comments of Mexico, Nigeria, Thailand, African Union and ISDI (Agenda 11)04/12/2016
102.1Review of the Standard For Follow-Up Formula (CODEX STAN 156-1987) - Physical Working Group Report (Recommendation 11 – protein quality)05/12/2016
113Comments of Benin05/12/2016
114Comments of Chile, Mexico, ESPGHAN05/12/2016
115Comments of Republic of Korea05/12/2016
102.2PWG Side Session report: Modelling Macronutrient Levels05/12/2016
116Methods of analysis for provisions in the standard for infant formula and formulas for special medical purposes intended for infants - PWG Side Session report: recommendations to the Committee06/12/2016
117All files zip collection