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Комиссия Кодекс Алиментариус
06/07/2020 - 11/07/2020 | TBC,


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made it impossible to convene physical meetings and therefore severely impacted the Codex calendar of sessions in 2020.

This has also affected CAC43 which will NOT meet physically at the dates originally announced.
The Secretariat has recently received the clearance from the Legal Office of FAO to convene a virtual meeting of CCEXEC79, which will be held in July 2020, subject to the agreement of the members of CCEXEC. Updates will be published on the CCEXEC79 webpage as they become available as well as communicated directly to Members of the CCEXEC.

We have prepared a similar request for a possible virtual CAC43 which is now under consideration. Members will be informed of the next steps as soon as we receive the confirmation and guidance.

In the meanwhile key meeting documents will be published here as they become available.

Связанные документы

ПунктOписаниеДата загрузки
10Поправки к стандартам Кодекса и родственным текстам20/05/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/11
9Прекращение работы20/05/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/10
8Предложения по новой работе20/05/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/09
7Отзыв текстов Кодекса20/05/2020
CAC 20/43/08
6Утверждение текстов Кодекса на шаге 520/05/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/06
5Окончательное утверждение текстов Кодекса20/05/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/4
4Поправки к руководству по процедуре20/05/2020
CXCAC 20/43/3
11Вопросы, переданные Комиссии комитетами Кодекса28/05/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/12
101Целевой фонд Кодекса ФАО/ВОЗ Годовой доклад за 2019 г 07/07/2020
8.1Предложения по новой работе13/07/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/9 Add.1
8.3Предложения по новой работе 10/07/2020
CX/CAC 204309 Add.3
14Designation of Countries Responsible for Appointing the Chairpersons of Codex Subsidiary Bodies30/07/2020
CX/CAC 19/43/15
5.2Final Adoption of Codex Texts28/07/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/4 Add.1
7.1Revocation of Codex texts31/07/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/8 Add.1
5.1Comments - Final Adoption of Codex Texts04/06/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/5-Rev.1
8.2Comments - Proposals for new work03/07/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/9 Add.2
6.1Comments - Adoption of Codex Texts at Step 507/07/2020
CX/CAC 20/43/7-Rev.1
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