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Комитет Кодекса по остаткам пестицидов
26/07/2021 - 31/07/2021 | Виртуальный,


Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the 52nd Session of the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues (CCPR52) was postponed from April 2020 to July 2021.

CCPR52 will take place in virtual mode from 26 – 30 July 2021 with adoption of the report on 3 August 2021 (13:00 – 16: 00 CET).


The Codex Secretariat has prepared a guidance for Members and Observers to facilitate the smooth running of Codex virtual meetings. Codex members and observers participating in the upcoming virtual meeting of the Electronic Working Groups on the Code of Practice and the Guidelines for Monitoring and Surveillance are kindly invited to consult the "Information for Delegates" webpage and in particular to read the Guidance to participants of virtual meetings available in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.


Information will be provided in due course.


Circular Letters

The list of CLs relevant to CCPR52 is available from "Related Circular Letters”.

JMPR Reports

The reports of the extraordinary and regular meetings of JMPR that took place in May and September 2019 are available from the "FAO” and "WHO” websites to inform comments on CL 2020/6-PR (REV2) concerning MRL recommendations arising from these meetings (Agenda Item 6) and as background information for matters for consideration under Agenda Items 5(a) and 5(b). JMPR reports are available in English only.

Documents issued in 2020

Working documents made available during 2020 to aid further work of electronic working groups are available here in English, French and Spanish.
Specific links will also be provided in the corresponding updated working documents as necessary.

Documents issued in 2021

Updated documents for consideration by CCPR52 will be published on this page as soon as they become available.
For Agenda Item 7(e): Class B – Primary food commodities of animal origin. Harmonization of meat mammalian maximum residue limits between CCPR and CCRVDF, the relevant working document is the report of CCPR51 (2019), REP19/PR, available in English, French and Spanish by clicking here. Check the Provisional Agenda (CX/PR 21/52/1) for further details on this item.

Связанные документы

ПунктOписаниеДата загрузки
1Adoption of the Agenda17/05/2021
CX/PR 21/52/1
8.1Guidelines for compounds of low public health concern that may be exempted from the establishment of Codex MRLs or do not give rise to residues (at Step 4) 17/05/2021
CX/PR 21/52/12
13.1Management of unsupported compounds without public health concern scheduled for periodic review18/05/2021
CX/PR 21/52/17
7.11Revision of the Classification of Food and Feed (CXA 4-1989): Class C - Primary Animal Feed Commodities including issues related to fodder commodities (At Step 4)19/05/2021
CX/PR 21/52/6
7.21Revision of the Classification of Food and Feed (CXA 4-1989): Class D – Processed foods of plant origin. All types in Class D. Proposed groups in different types (at Step 4)19/05/2021
CX/PR 21/52/7
7.31Revision of the Classification of Food and Feed (CXA 4-1989): Tables on examples of representative commodities for commodity groups in different types under Class C and Class D (for inclusion in the Principles and Guidance for the Selection of Representative Commodities for the Extrapolation of Maximum Residue Limits for Pesticides to Commodity Groups (CXG 84-2012)) (at Step 4) 19/05/2021
CX/PR 21/52/8
7.4Revision of the Classification of Food and Feed (CXA 4-1989): Impact of the revised types in Class C and Class D on CXLs19/05/2021
CX/PR 21/52/9
11.1Review of the IESTI equations25/05/2021
CX/PR 21/52/15
4.1Matters arising from FAO and WHO24/05/2021
CX/PR 21/52/3
15Establishment of Codex Schedules and Priority Lists of Pesticides for Evaluation / Re-Evaluation by JMPR24/05/2021
CX/PR 21/52/19
4.2Matters arising from other international organizations (IAEA)27/05/2021
CX/PR 21/52/4
12.1Engagement of JMPR in parallel reviews of new compounds: Procedures and Principles 02/06/2021
CX/PR 21/52/16
9Discussion paper on the review of mass spectrometry provisions in CXG 56-2005 and CXG 90-2017 11/06/2021
CX/PR 21/52/13
6.2Comments at Step 3 in reply to CL 2020/6-PR on MRLs14/06/2021
CX/PR 21/52/5-Add.1
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