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Codex Committee on Food Import and Export Inspection and Certification Systems
27/04/2020 - 01/05/2020 | Hobart, Tasmania , Australia

Codex Committee on Food Import and Export Inspection and Certification Systems / meeting cancelled

Due to the exceptional circumstances related to the the COVID-19 outbreak, this meeting has been cancelled.

Information regarding how work will continue and when the next meeting will take place will be published as soon as it becomes available.

Update 1 April 2020

The deadline for replies to requests for comments through Circular Letters CL 2020/01/OCS-FICS; CL 2020/02/OCS-FICS; CL 2020/03/OCS-FICS; CL 2020/26/OCS-FICS has been extended to 1 May 2020.

Update 6 April 2020

The EWGs will continue to work as necessary under the terms of reference established by CCFICS24 and report to the next session of the committee.
Preliminary comments received by end of March, will be sent to the EWG Chairpersons to facilitate the update of the draft Codex texts or discussion papers as well as planning for the next steps of the EWG work.


The 25th Session of the Codex Committee on Food Import and Export Inspection and Certification Systems will be held from 27 April to 1 May 2020 at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart, at the kind invitation of the Government of Australia. The Session will begin at 9.30 on Monday 27 April 2020. Registration facilities will be open on Saturday 25 April 2020 from 8:30 to 12:00, on Sunday 26 April 2020 from 8:30 to 10:00 and on Monday 27 April 2020 from 8:00 to 9:30. at the same venue.

The Session will be conducted in English, French and Spanish.


The following Physical Working Groups (PWGs) will meet at the same location:
- Guidance on paperless use of electronic certificates on Saturday 25 April from 9:00 to 13:15;
- Draft Principles and Guidelines for the assessment and use of voluntary Third-Party Assurance (vTPA) on Saturday 25 April from 14:30 to 18:45;
- Guidelines related to equivalence on Sunday 26 April 2020 from 8:30 to 15:30; and
- Workshop on Food Fraud on Tuesday 28 April 2020 from 18:00 to 20:00.


All participants should provide their information (names and addresses) through the online registration system by accessing the link below, latest by 27th March 2020.

Login and password for the online registration have been provided to all Codex Contact Points and Contact Point of Observers Organizations. If the login and password have not been received, please contact


Participants are advised to enquire at the nearest Embassy or Consulate of Australia, at least 6 weeks before the start of the meeting, to determine whether visas or other documents are required to enter the country. Additional information on procedures to obtain entry visa to Australia will be included in the information note for the participants.

All visas must be obtained before travelling. Visitors can apply for Australian visas at Australian government missions overseas or electronically through travel agents and airlines in many parts of the world. For more information please visit:


The documents for the session are available in English, French and Spanish. They will be published on the Codex website as soon as they are prepared. NB! We kindly remind you to obtain all documentation from the Codex website prior to the meeting.

For more information please check the Information for Delegates document in the list here below.

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2Matters arising from the Codex Alimentarius Commission and its subsidiary bodies17/12/2019
CX/FICS 20/25/2
7Proposed Draft consolidated Codex Guidelines related to Equivalence12/02/2020
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5Proposed Draft Guidance on Paperless Use of Electronic Certificates - Revision to CXG 38-200117/02/2020
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4Draft Principles and Guidelines for the Assessment and Use of Voluntary Third-Party Assurance (vTPA) programmes10/02/2020
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8Discussion paper on the role of CCFICS with respect to tackling food fraud 20/02/2020
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