Codex Contact Point
Chief Secretariat, Food Safety and Quality Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia, Level 4, Plot 3C4 Building Nº 26, Jalan Persiaran Perdana Presint 3, 62675 Putrajaya Tel: +603 8885 0787

Competent authorities

Name of authority
Food Safety and Quality Division Ministry of Health Malaysia
The mandate for FSQD to regulate food safety is provided in the Food Act 1983 and its regulations and Food Analysts Act 2011 and its regulation. Food Act 1983 intended to protect the public from health hazards and fraud in the food preparation, sale and use of food. Food Analysts Act 2011 intended to provide for the establishment of the Malaysian Food Analysts Council, to provide for the registration of persons practising as food analysts and to regulate the practice of food analysts.
INFOSAN Emergency Contact Point
Food Safety and Quality Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia

Food safety and consumer protection – laws and regulations

In due course lists of legislation related to food safety and consumer protection in each country will be provided. This will be based on FAO's database on Food Legislation (FAOLEX) verified with countries before uploading.

The national Codex programme

National Codex consultative mechanism
Malaysia National Codex Committee is the mirror image to the International Codex Structure. Preparatory meeting will be conducted for consultation with all relevant stakeholders to develop coordinated country position. The Malaysian National Codex Committee (NCC) was established in 1985 and Food Safety and Quality Division, Ministry of Health is the Chair and Secretariat for NCC. Membership of the NCC includes all relevant stakeholders of food safety namely the government, industries, academia and relevant agencies. Ministry of Health (MOH) is a Codex Contact Point (CCP) of Malaysia.
Providers of scientific and technical input to national consultation on Codex
The Chemistry Department, Department of Fisheries, Department of Veterinary Services, Pesticides Board, Department of Agriculture, Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI), Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), universities, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers

Risk Assessments and Scientific Data

National bodies providing risk assessment and scientific advice
Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Malaysian Palm Oil Board
Risk assessment, risk profiles, scientific opinions
C.K.Chin, A.Abdullah & Y.Sugita-Konishi (2012): Dietary Intake of Aflatoxins in the Adult Malaysian Population – An Assessment of Risk. Food Additives and Contaminants: Part B: surveillance 5:4, 286-294
Official Laboratory
Food Safety and Quality Laboratories
The Chemistry Department
Public Health Laboratories
Pesticides Control Laboratory, Department of Agriculture
Official Competence
Pesticides residues, food additive, mycotoxin, food contaminants, drug residues, microbiology, food standard.
Pesticides residues, food additive, mycotoxin, drug residues, food standard, food contaminants
Pesticides residues, food additive, mycotoxin, food contaminants, drug residues, microbiology, food standard, nutritional labelling
Pesticides residues, nutrient content in soil, leaf, water and fertilizer samples.

Surveillance of foodborne diseases and monitoring of food contamination

National surveillance systems – foodborne disease in humans
Surveillance programme is the surveillance system that is carried out under Food Safety and Quality Division to collect data on foodborne disease in humans.
National monitoring systems – foodborne hazards in the food chain
National monitoring programme is the programme that is carried out under Food Safety and Quality Division to collect data on foodborne hazards in the food chain.
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