Codex Contact Point
Director, Dominica Bureau of Standards, National Centre of Testing Excellence, Stockfarm, P.O. Box 1015, Roseau, Dominica Tel: +1 767 448 1685

Competent authorities

Name of authority
Environmental Health Department
Ministry of Agriculture
Bureau of Standards
to investigate problems and institute preventive and remedial measure in respect of environmental pollution, the management and disposal of solid, liquid and gaseous wasters, food and drinks management, nuisance, rodents, insects pests and general sanitation.
Through the Livestock Development Department and the Plant Protection & Quarantine Services, the Ministry is mandated to protect livestock and plants
The promotion and maintenance of goods and services produced and used in Dominica
INFOSAN Emergency Contact Point

Food safety and consumer protection – laws and regulations

In due course lists of legislation related to food safety and consumer protection in each country will be provided. This will be based on FAO's database on Food Legislation (FAOLEX) verified with countries before uploading.

The national Codex programme

National Codex consultative mechanism
Dominica has established the National Codex Committee (NCC). The NCC has representation from various food related entities from both the public and private sectors. Areas covered include Ministries of Agriculture (Livestock, Plant Quarantine, Lab), Health, Legal Affairs & Trade; Fisheries (Public and Private sector); Association for Industry & Commerce; Exporters; Producer Organizations; Food & Nutrition Council; Academia; and regional Agriculture based entities. The NCC meets quarterly (more frequently when necessary)
Providers of scientific and technical input to national consultation on Codex
Academia, Laboratories; Technicians

Risk Assessments and Scientific Data

National bodies providing risk assessment and scientific advice
Produce Chemist Laboratory; National Centre for Testing Excellence;
Risk assessment, risk profiles, scientific opinions
Official Laboratory
Environmental Health Water Quality Lab
Official Competence
Water analysis

Surveillance of foodborne diseases and monitoring of food contamination

National surveillance systems – foodborne disease in humans
National monitoring systems – foodborne hazards in the food chain
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