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Developing partnerships to strengthen the work of Codex


Codex Chairperson Guilherme Costa and Vice-Chairperson Purwiyatno Hariyadi praised the commitment and achievements of countries in the CCASIA region and called on the skill and experience of the private sector to continue to develop partnerships that can strengthen the work of Codex.

Speaking at the 12th CII Food Safety, Quality & Regulatory Summit held in New Delhi India 4-5 December 2017, organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry, Costa said that Codex standards are taken up by industry and governments if they are practical in nature and relevant to the needs of both sectors.

Costa went on to explain that “identifying and addressing the challenges and opportunities along the food value chain, from primary production to retail,” considering key issues such as food waste, traceability and food fraud was fully in line with Codex strategy. He also stressed the importance of Codex considering emerging issues and of examining food safety and trade issues across “the whole production chain perspective.”

Costa outlined his aim as Chair to stimulate the participation of “the whole production chain in Codex work”, highlighting the importance of stronger member participation, especially of developing and least developed countries. He stated that science was the basis of the discussions in Codex with working to build consensus a core value. He encouraged delegates to cooperate with one another to “guarantee protection for the health of consumers” whilst ensuring fair practices in trade, “that can generate foreign exchange and jobs.”