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Members’ webinar to launch STDF’s 2019 Annual Report highlights World Food Safety Day


On 11 June, the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) members held an online session to launch STDF’s 2019 Annual Report, in the context of World Food Safety Day 2020.

The webinar presented the new Report, “Facing the future: shaping safe trade outcomes” to Working Group members who tuned in from STDF’s trade, health, agriculture and development expert network. Julie Emond from Canada, Working Group Chair, opened the webinar, which was led and moderated by Marlynne Hopper, Deputy Head of the STDF.

In the current context where pests and diseases can spread worldwide, promoting food safety – alongside animal and plant health – across supply chains is a global public good. The webinar underlined how STDF is building multi-stakeholder action in this area, investing in safe trade systems and scaling up assistance for developing countries, which in turn will help to support economic recovery. Case studies featured in the STDF 2019 Annual Report set out how to act in partnership to safeguard the future of food safety at regional and global level.


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