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Codex holds great responsibility for the global society of food safety


Executive Committee begins two days of deliberations in Rome

The Executive Committee of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CCEXEC) brings together strategists and technical experts from the global Codex community who are meeting this week at FAO HQ in Rome.

Embracing positive change

Dr Renata Clarke, Head of the FAO Food Safety and Quality Unit in the Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department, in welcoming delegates, stated that her unit had been preparing to make better use of the food chain intelligence in FAO. “There are many things happening in the world, and food systems are in the midst of this change. If we do not change, we risk becoming irrelevant. But over the past years, we have shown preparedness for change”. She warned that change should be based on an analysis of what is happening, with the buy-in of all stakeholders. “This CCEXEC75 is about continuing to embrace change that will take us to our preferred future.” She also advised against embracing 'used futures', simply repeating the past. “If we want to embrace positive change as we explore and learn from challenges, we need tools and culture to deal with differences constructively” she said.

The future of Codex depends on our work

Dr Kazuaki Miyagishima, Director of the Department of Food Safety and Zoonoses in WHO, affirmed: “The multilateral system is threatened. What affects the multilateral system will also affect Codex.” He recalled how Codex has not changed its structure and operations since it began in 1963 and that the procedure for standards development has also remained unchanged. He described the one major earthquake in Codex being the introduction of Codex standards as benchmarks in WTO agreements 30 years into its existence. “The future of Codex depends on our work this week. Answers to the questions [relating to current global challenges] are in the agenda we will address this week. I invite you all to embrace this challenge,” he concluded.

A special opportunity for Codex

Guilherme da Costa, chairing the CCEXEC for the second time, recalled the relevance of Codex in the journey towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals and highlighted some of the work before the committee including the Codex strategic plan 2020-2025, matters regarding committees working by correspondence and the critical review of standards. He recalled that as Codex Alimentarius celebrates its 55th birthday it is expected that a World Food Safety Day be established. “The World Food Safety Day is a special opportunity for Codex to advocate for its work and become better known globally,” he said.

All information regarding Codex meetings is public and feely available on the Codex website.


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For further information on CCEXEC consult the Codex Procedural Manual