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Food science federation in Spain plans quiz aimed at consumers and webinar for food safety experts


The Federation of Food Science and Technology Associations (FEDALCYTA) in Spain will celebrate World Food Safety Day this year with two events.


The first event, inspired by the World Food Safety Day slogan “Food safety is everyone’s business” will be a quiz aimed at educating young people about food safety. Disseminated across social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) on World Food Safety Day itself, the quiz will involve “questions and curiosities about food safety”. Answers will be published the next day, offering some general tips on food safety for all consumers. Registration information for the quiz can be found here:


A more industry-oriented event is planned for the afternoon of 7 June. Fedalcyta has teamed up with the ISEKI-Food Association to examine food safety issues linked to fruits and vegetables, in recognition of the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables. The Spanish-language event will look at the potential risks present in fruits and vegetables, the heat treatment and disinfection of these foods, and future training needs based on new skills. Guest speakers include Dr Carmen de Vega, Chairperson, FEDALCYTA, Dr Rui Costa, Secretary General of the ISEKI Food Association, Dr Susana Lorán Ayala, Coordinator of the Degree in Food Science and Technology at Zaragoza University and Oihane Hernández Aguirre, Quality manager at PATURPAT S Coop.

The event will take place at 15:30 local time (13:30 GMT)


Registration details are here:

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