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World Food Day 2020. Our actions are our future.


World Food Day 2020 under the slogan “Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together”, calls for more resilient and robust agri-food systems, and for global solidarity - both vital for our recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and for building back better.

World Food Day 2020 also applauds Food Heroes throughout the food supply chain who, no matter what the situation or where in the world they are, continue to provide food to their communities and beyond.

This observance falls as the Codex Alimentarius Commission is concluding its 43rd session, and the first ever virtually, having adopted 17 new Codex texts and agreed seven proposals for new work.


Who are the Codex food heroes?

For more than 60 years Codex standards, guidelines and codes of practice have been contributing to ensure that food is safe and that it can be traded fairly. Developed by global food experts, founded on robust science and agreed by 189 Codex Members, these texts are a result of the global solidarity called for on World Food Day and so vital for countries when striving to meet the needs of their populations.

The Codex food heroes are those who work in production, harvesting, processing, transport and the sale of food - safe to every home. They are the scientists who provide the evidence and the foundation for Codex. They are those who adopt and adhere to standards for food hygiene, food additives, pesticides, nutrition, labelling, import/export and more: protecting health and facilitating trade.

The Codex Alimentarius supports the call for governments, enterprises, and organizations to share knowledge and support sustainable, resilient food systems and livelihoods. Together, we can grow, nourish, and sustain our world.


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