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First virtual Commission Day 4: adopts all standards proposed and reactivates fish committee

With an audience again exceeding 500, the 43rd gathering of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, being held in three-hour sessions across six days, has completed its programme of standard adoption and approval of new work. Chairperson Guilherme Da Costa, Brazil, applauded once again the continued collaboration of Member Countries to build consensus and ensure valuable work can continue. “I thank you all for your support, your energy and usual cooperative spirit”, he said. The Commission adopted a series of standards from the Processed [...]
13 October 2020

Standards adoption progresses at first ever virtual meeting

With three sessions of CAC43 already completed, ten standards and six new work proposals have been adopted by the Commission, meeting for the first time ever virtually. Over 120 Members and more than 50 Observer organizations have participated so far and the next plenary session will be on Monday 12 October, 12:00 CET. Listed below are the standards, guidelines and codes of practice that will be adopted into the Codex Alimentarius and the proposals for new work that have been approved. As [...]
28 September 2020

Virtual Commission opens with an emphasis on innovation

The Directors-General of FAO and WHO, the parent organizations of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, set the stage for five days of decision-making on food standards with a message about getting ‘better’. More than 800 registered delegates joined the first-ever virtual Commission, now in its 43rd session, held remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  In congratulating the Commission for ‘jumping into the digital world’, FAO Director-General Dr QU Dongyu noted that science is the driving force for setting Codex food standards. “When [...]
24 September 2020

Commission dress rehearsal attracts an audience of over 300

The webinar organized by the Codex Secretariat on Friday 11 September 2020 was well attended with 86 countries and the European Union, plus 34 observer organizations taking part and numbers of attendees peaking at over 300. In opening the session, the Chairperson of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, Guilherme Da Costa, Brazil paid tribute to the global Codex Contact Points who play a key role in managing the practical work for Codex Members. “Through them, everything happens in the organization and without [...]
14 September 2020

Codex announces webinar for delegates to prepare for first virtual Commission

As Codex Members and Observers prepare to take part in the first ever virtual session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, which starts on 24 September 2020, the Codex Secretariat has organized a training webinar to prepare delegates for the online meeting. This webinar will take place on Friday 11 September 2020, at 12.00 (CET). Delegates will hear from the Chairperson of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, Guilherme Da Costa and from Codex Secretary, Tom Heilandt, how it was possible to arrange for [...]
10 September 2020

Codex standards and regional committees key to FAO COVID-19 response on trade and food safety

The COVID-19 pandemic will have an unprecedented impact on global and regional trade. According to the World Trade Organization, world merchandise trade in 2020 could fall by as much as 32 percent. New policy guidance, part of the FAO COVID-19 Response and Recovery Programme, describes how the current economic recession is raising serious concerns about hunger and malnutrition. It goes on to explain how ad-hoc trade restrictions, including food safety measures that may not be science based, have worsened the situation [...]
03 September 2020

Progressing Global Standards during a global pandemic

The ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenges to our way of living, interacting and working. The way we have worked internationally to date has been turned on its head. With the cancellation of almost all physical Codex meetings for 2020, it is now essential to look to new ways of continuing the work. The 79th session of the Executive Committee of the Codex Alimentarius Commission successfully met virtually between 13 and 20th July 202. In the current context, if [...]
26 July 2020


食品法典委员会执行委员会第79届会议(CCEXEC79)建议,食品卫生和食品过敏原管理的关键法典文本,以及一系列地区性和世界范围的商品标准(包括卡瓦胡椒、辣椒酱、猕猴桃、大蒜和山药等)将提交下一次食典委会议——食典委第43届会议(CAC43)——采纳。如果食典成员同意目前由食典委秘书处与粮农组织(FAO)和世卫组织(WHO)共同制定中的模式,本届会议将于9月下旬以虚拟形式召开。 CCEXEC79是第一次完全在线召开的食典会议,会议为期三个半天,并就正在进行的工作向食典委提出明确建议,特别是要确保按时完成有关抗生素耐药性的重要文本。 食典委主席Guilherme da Costa(巴西)说:“食品法典大家庭正在证明自己是一个出色的队伍,我们必须尽最大努力进一步制定和传播食品法典标准,确保世界各地所有人的食品安全和质量。” 执行委员会历史性的第一次虚拟会议,2020年7月13日至20日 会议还讨论了如果2021年无法举行实体会议,各技术委员会继续制定食品法典标准的方式,这些委员会通常在10多个不同国家主办。 “因为我们不能亲自开会而继续推迟会议不是一个选择。”食典委秘书长Tom Heilandt说:“如果我们不能照常开展工作,我们需要了解在哪里投入。食典成员已表现出极大的决心和灵活性,以虚拟形式继续他们的工作。然而,他们所有人都受到了影响,许多通常从事食品法典问题工作的专家,被要求在其本国从事疫情相关的工作。我们也非常清楚,在虚拟工作时,会为能否获得口译服务感到担忧,而且某些国家存在技术挑战。” 澳大利亚的Usha Sriram Prasad说:“我认为对我们来讲这是一个机遇,因为食典委会成为开拓者,就什么适合我们的情况实际推荐或提出建议。我们应利用新颖和创新的方法继续努力完成现有的工作,并考虑各委员会的未来工作事项和我们在这次疫情中吸取的教训。” 基于科学的食品安全标准 人们已经把食品安全这个问题作为大流行病的潜在后果提出,食品安全突出了继续遵守基于科学的食品安全标准的重要性。Srirami-Prasad说:“食品法典的各委员会,包括食品卫生委员会(Food Hygiene Committee)和食品进出口检验和认证系统法典委员会(Codex Committee on Food Import and Export Inspection and Certification Systems)制定的原则和准则可以为支持在大流行期间和之后继续开展安全食品开放贸易提供指导。” 肯尼亚的Kimutai Maritim说:“当有可能举行实体会议时,我们真的希望再次继续实体会议。”他说,如果采取混合会议的方式,一些成员将亲自出席,另一些成员则会虚拟出席,这可能会引发签证问题。“因此,我们需要谨慎……建立共识,包容各方。” 改善业绩 埃及的Hanan Fouad Hamid Ibrahim Hashem说:“我们必须在食品法典范围内向前推进。我们需要提出一些新的机制,并使用技术以改善食品法典的业绩并保证其未来,同时也能够借鉴其他地方其他组织的经验。” 瓦努阿图的Timothy Tumukon说,食品法典信托基金(Codex Trust Fund)“应该扩大其重点和范围,以支持发展中国家,特别是在确保它们能够履行食品法典规定的参与义务方面。” 执行委员会很快将审查大流行对食品法典工作的影响,并就如何最好地在2020-2021年继续工作向食典委提供建议。负责领导这项工作的食典委(Codex Alimentarius Commission)副主席Mariam Eid(黎巴嫩)说:“我们将与食品法典全体成员就这一议题交换意见。我们将在9月初准备一份中期答复,我们将尽一切可能尝试与成员进行接触,以确保所有想法和关切都能在预计于2020年11月发布的最终报告中得以探讨。”   了解更多 关于推荐采用的标准和新的工作提案的完整清单,请当CCEXEC79报告在食品法典网站上发布后阅读该报告。 图片来源 © FAO。 主图为食典委秘书长Tom Heilandt(左)和食典委主席Guilherme da Costa。  
24 July 2020

FAO COVID-19 response affirms importance of food safety standards for trade

A webinar held on 14 July 2020 entitled ‘Joint Action on COVID-19: Boosting our Global Response’, presented the seven main intervention areas that FAO has developed in response to the COVID-19 crisis with a clear message that business as usual is not a possibility. If we carry on as usual we will see major loss of life. FAO Director-General QU Dongyu told participants that with 4.5 billion people dependent on food systems for their jobs and livelihoods it was time for FAO [...]
16 July 2020

Codex Executive Committee takes virtual route for standard setting

In an historic moment for the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the Executive Committee (CCEXEC) began its 79th meeting online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Spread over seven days (13-20 July 2020) and four online sessions, the committee will examine standards for adoption and proposals for new work from those committees that were able to meet before travel became impossible in March this year and all subsequent Codex meetings were cancelled. The recommendations of the CCEXEC will go forward for consideration [...]
13 July 2020
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