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Spain’s Veraliment pushes for a full 360° approach to the Culture of Safety

Food safety advocates and professional training organization, Veraliment, held its third consecutive annual World Food Safety Day event on 7 June this year. In a live webinar, "Culture of Safety 360°," the focus was on “all those actors that are necessary to implement a correct Culture of Safety.” Participants included Gemma Trigueros, food expert at consumer rights organization, OCU, Maria Claudia Degrossi, member of the Testing Laboratory Accreditation Committee, and Andrés García, CEO of Veraliment. The round table discussion was moderated by Fernando [...]
11 June 2021

Danone in China celebrates World Food Safety Day

To mark World Food Safety Day this 7 June, Danone in China convened a knowledge sharing event that was also available online. The company acknowledging the important role World Food Safety Day plays in strengthening food safety awareness and education. Their event attracted around 100 participants.
11 June 2021

Safe and healthy fruits and vegetables from farm to table in Spain

About 200 people took part in the webinar: “La inocuidad en el año internacional de las frutas y verduras” (Safety in the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables), on 7 June for World Food Safety Day. Dr Rui Costa, Secretary General of the ISEKI Food Association and Dr Carmen de Vega, President of FEDALCYTA (the Federation of Food Science and Technologies Associations) opened the event, presenting the two organizations that co-convened the live seminar. The first presentation under the title "Fruits and vegetables: healthy is not [...]
10 June 2021

CCFICS25 /standards delivering meaningful benefits for trading nations

Fran Freeman, Chairperson CCFICS Australia hosted the first virtual session of the 25th Codex Committee on Food Import and Export Inspection and Certification Systems (CCFICS25) from 31 May to 08 June 2021. The work of CCFICS is crucial, particularly as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, in assisting global efforts to modernize food safety systems and deliver guidance that can influence regulatory standards related to food import and export inspection and certification systems. Virtual meetings can bring their own challenges – time zones never work for everyone! Although the [...]
10 June 2021

National Quality Association of Tanzania (NQAT) miniseries webinar

On 9 June 2021, the National Quality Association of Tanzania (NQAT), a member-based association, which acts as a National Quality Platform for sustainable development, held a miniseries webinar about World Food Safety Day.   The miniseries which will be held every two weeks, was moderated by Mr Safari Fungo.   Among the concerns and recommendations that were raised were:  The importance of strengthening advocacy on consumer protection.  It is important to put emphasis on the implementation of food labeling i.e., work on putting warning signs on certain foods that may cause harm to the consumer.  The importance of stakeholders in the food safety [...]
09 June 2021

PolySafe food safety webinar in Romania

On 8 June 2021, Romania held a webinar 'From raw material to product' on the theme of food safety among food companies. Several representatives from food industry companies in Romania, an official from the Romanian National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority and an official from the Romanian Veterinary and Food Safety Directorate held presentations about the measures they implement to ensure food safety inside the process chain, the overall food safety management, and defense, as well as the special measures implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic. The discussions also [...]
08 June 2021

粮农组织、世卫组织和食典委举办网上科学讲座庆祝 2021 年世界食品安全日

2021年 6 月 7 日,粮农组织总干事屈冬玉和世卫组织总干事谭德塞在一次网播Zoom 会议开幕时敦促国际社会采取行动,确保为每个人保障食品安全,构筑健康未来。 粮农组织总干事说:“食品安全对实现更高效、包容、坚韧和可持续的农业和食品系统、为全世界人民提供健康食品至关重要。”他鼓励各方协作,改造农业食品系统,以实现更好的生产、更好的营养、更好的环境、更好的生活。 世卫组织总干事指出,当食品安全得到改善时,我们就会减少饥饿、营养不良和婴儿死亡率。他说:“在这一艰难时期,我们对确保安全、健康和富有营养的食品承担集体责任。” 食典委的上级机构粮农组织和世卫组织的两位首席科学家作为特邀嘉宾出席了这次网上直播的世界食品安全日活动。 世卫组织首席科学家苏米亚·斯瓦米内森说:“科学是食品安全工作的核心。”这位首席科学家解释了如何利用科学开发解决方案,就像 2019冠状病毒病(COVID-19)疫情中的那种情况。“您如何干预食品安全取决于您对哪些干预措施将对降低风险产生最大影响的理解。负责食品安全的机构需要利用食物链的信息来做出决定,分配资源,加强国家食品安全系统。” 食品法典委员会——出色而持续的合作 世卫组织和粮农组织向食典委提供的科学建议对制定基于可靠科学方法的国际食品安全标准至关重要。斯瓦米内森博士说:“我目睹了食典委的运作,这是一项出色而持续的合作。” 粮农组织首席科学家伊斯玛罕·埃洛阿菲女士引用了世界食品安全日的口号“食品安全,人人有责”,以提醒与会者和网络广播观众新的粮农组织食品安全战略将如何支持成员国增强食品安全能力,即鼓励包容性方法,让区域、国家和地方各级的利益相关者共同参与这项努力。 埃洛阿菲博士强调了这两个组织的协作性质,她说:“能够领导这个联合科学咨询项目,为食典委提供所有科学建议,我们深感自豪。该项目在包容性、科学卓越性和公正性方面享有最高声誉,从而吸引了全世界最杰出的科学家。” 成功的范例 食典委秘书处的David Massey先生介绍2021 年世界食品安全日 © FAO/Codex 庆祝第三届世界食品安全日也提供了一个机会来展示世界各地的食品安全成功案例。与会者关注的议题十分全面,包括青年教育、水资源管理、抗菌素耐药性、国际市场准入、食品加工、“同一个健康”(One Health)等等。他们对 2021 年的主题——保障食品安全,构筑健康未来——有了深入理解。 观看网络广播视频: 主图片:食典委秘书处的Sarah Cahill女士采访粮农组织首席科学家埃洛阿菲(左)和世卫组织首席科学家斯瓦米内森 © FAO/Codex
08 June 2021

Kazakhstan holds Round Table "Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow" dedicated to World Food Safety Day.

As the Vice Minister of Health care E. Kiyasov (main photo) noted, food products consumed by the population determine the standard of living and well-being of future generations. WHO estimates that the consumption of food contaminated with bacteria, viruses or parasites, as well as toxic or chemical substances, causes 600 million cases of foodborne illness and 420 000 lethal cases each year. A welcoming speech was made by the founder of the primary health care in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the [...]
08 June 2021

SSAFE creates a series of posters with FAO for World Food Safety Day

For World Food Safety Day 2021, SSAFE has collaborated with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) to develop a series of posters to demonstrate that together, through partnerships, we can do more to deliver safe food. Because food safety is everyone’s business! The six posters, which you can download for free below, cover the following key topics: Ensuring food safety throughout the supply chain: the journey of a vanilla bean Food safety is science-based Global process standardization drives food safety [...]
06 June 2021

Collaboration and education held up as keys to a food safe future in multiagency discussion for World Food Safety Day

In anticipation of the 7 June World Food Safety Day celebrations, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Food Programme (WFP) held a joint event this morning to explore and discuss the One Health approach to food safety. The event had an audience of nearly 400 participants from 69 countries in Zoom, plus 320 in YouTube. The [...]
03 June 2021