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Ensuring food safety during the COVID-19 pandemic - a Codex observer view

Science and Codex guidelines help food businesses By Leon Gorris, Secretary of the International Commission on Microbiological Specification for Foods (ICMSF) Ensuring food safety is a public health priority and an essential step to achieving food security. While we are celebrating World Food Safety Day on 7 June 2020, we remind ourselves that food safety is everyone’s business. We all play a role, e.g. food growers, processors, distributors, retailers and consumers. Around the globe about 7 Million people have been infected by the coronavirus disease: [...]
17 June 2020

Food safety hashtag shines on Twitter in a chat led by the UN Food Systems Summit

On 9 June 2020, there was a flurry of activity around #WFSDchat, the hashtag chosen to abbreviate World Food Safety Day for the online conversation organized by @FoodSystems,  About 185 users engaged in the chat, which consisted of 520 tweets with the hashtag, potentially reaching more than 4 million users. The chat centred on six questions that covered topics such as how current global challenges like climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic are affecting safety and what consumers can do to [...]
17 June 2020

ILRI teams up for food safety

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) celebrated the World Food Safety day under the theme Safe food in informal markets:  healthier people, wealthier lives, in recognition of the dual role of informal food markets in nourishing people and providing incomes.  Food safety is key part of ILRI research portofolio based on risk analysis.  Aligned with the FAO/WHO call for action to “team up for safety”, ILRI included in their campaign some messages from partners who support their research efforts towards [...]
15 June 2020

World Food Programme discusses food safety in humanitarian activities

To mark the second World Food Safety Day, World Food Programme (WFP) employees gathered on 4 June 2020 for an online discussion about “Ensuring food safety across the humanitarian pipeline”. Led by a panel of industry experts, the event tracked food safety activities and achievements, answering questions pertinent to WFP’s work, such as: Why is food safety important for one and all? What is the relevance of food safety in the context of humanitarian food aid? Why do we need standards? How are we supporting [...]
12 June 2020

Codex podcast / the regional view on food safety in times of COVID-19

The six regional committees are the backbone of the international dimension of the Codex Alimentarius and an early warning system for global food safety issues. In this episode of the Codex podcast the regional coordinators discuss COVID, the importance of food safety standards and opportunities for new ways of working. Guests: Mohammad Hussein AliAbadi (Iran), Sunil Bakshi (India),  Nailya Karsybiekova (Kazakhstan), Kimutai Maritim (Kenya), Diego Varela (Chile)   UNFAO · COVID-19: the regional view on Codex and food safety   Read more Visit the COVID-19 thematic [...]
12 June 2020

Members’ webinar to launch STDF’s 2019 Annual Report highlights World Food Safety Day

On 11 June, the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF) members held an online session to launch STDF’s 2019 Annual Report, in the context of World Food Safety Day 2020. The webinar presented the new Report, “Facing the future: shaping safe trade outcomes” to Working Group members who tuned in from STDF’s trade, health, agriculture and development expert network. Julie Emond from Canada, Working Group Chair, opened the webinar, which was led and moderated by Marlynne Hopper, Deputy Head of the [...]
12 June 2020

World Food Safety Day / Our big dream of bringing safe and nutritious food to every home

By Codex Secretary Tom Heilandt On 30 May 2020 7.22pm German time I was glued to my new quarantine TV watching the launch of the Space X DEMO-2 mission. I felt almost the same awe and excitement as I had in front of a much smaller black and white TV in 1969 when Apollo 11 landed on the moon. I don’t remember what I was thinking in 1969 but now a lot of thoughts raced through my head: the first was selfish. [...]
07 June 2020

Veterinary and agricultural science students to gather online to talk food safety

In a webinar on 7 June, the International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) and the International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) will host an online event to celebrate World Food Safety Day on 7 June 2020. Alice Green, an FAO food safety officer, will be giving a brief presentation on the role of agricultural experts in promoting food safety from farm to fork. Her talk will focus on the benefits of food safety – which include improved health, [...]
07 June 2020

World Food Safety Day / Codex Vice Chairpersons

 On the 2nd World Food Safety Day the Codex Vice Chairpersons share their messages. Mariam Eid, Lebanon The celebration of the World Food Safety 2020 take place in a moment when everyone's efforts are needed to continue and contribute to shaping the future of humanity. What the world faces today is directing attention to the Codex Alimentarius Commission which within the framework of its strategy can lead to a community with fewer food losses, less foodborne diseases, less poverty and less hunger [...]
07 June 2020

Twitter chat on safe dining and safe takeout food - new date 11 June

NEW DATE On Thursday 11 June, the International Food Information Council (IFIC) will host a Twitter chat in observance of World Food Safety Day. Anyone with a Twitter account can join the conversation, which will be led by @FoodInsight with the hashtags #WorldFoodSafetyDay and #WFSDChat and participation of @FAOWHOCodex, the Twitter account of the joint FAO-WHO food standards programme.   As the world slowly opens back up and lockdowns are lifted, people are looking for clear answers about how they can safely dine out—eating at restaurants, getting takeout [...]
07 June 2020