FAO and Japan high level discussions

24 Jan 2017, Rome - a delegation of senior officials from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries met in Rome to enhance both sides of a strong relationship that sees Japan as FAO's number two donor to FAO's regular budget behind the United States.

Japan has for a number of years provided extensive support to Codex through an ongoing programme of seconded officers to the Secretariat. The specialist background these officers bring, combined with deep knowlege of a specific Codex geographical region and national systems and processes, allow for a highly productive partnership.

A seconded officer will typically become involved in a range of Codex committees, initially learning how international food standards are developed in Codex and then actively taking on responsibility at the committee level to engage with members and operate as a full member of the Codex team.

CAC38Seconded Officer Takako Yano at the Codex Alimentarius Commission (far right)

With the support of Member States in projects like the Seconded Officer initiative and the Associate Professional Officer programme, the Codex Secretariat gains valuable resources to enhance the core team of Food Standards Officers and at the same time is able to offer specific training to those selected.

Takako Yano is currently working in the Codex Secretariat and coming to the end of her three year secondement and she said: "the experience of working in the Secretariat has been an eye-opening one, coming to grips with the joys and difficulties of developing worldwide food standards".

Japan is also represented at the Codex Alimentarius Commission level. Yayoi Tsujiyama, Acting Director of the International Standards Office in the Food Safety and Consumer Affairs Bureau at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishries currently holds the posiiton of Vice-Chairperson.

For further details of the working relationship beween FAO and Japan click here.

For further information on the high level discussions visit the FAO newsroom.




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FAO and Japan high level discussions
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