FAOLEX Database

Framework Law

The main law applicable to water resources management, which covers all of the following areas: administration; management, conservation and use of freshwater resources; water rights; waterworks; water supply
Date of original text: 16 October 1959 (2018)

Constitutional provisions

Date of text: 01 October 1920

Right to water: No provisions regarding the right to water.

Natural resources: In the following matters, among others, the Federation has powers of legislation and execution :..omissis.. - 10. mining; forestry, including timber flotage; water rights; control and conservation of waters for the safe diversion of floods or for shipping and raft transport; regulation of torrents; construction and maintenance of waterways


Water used for irrigation, forestry and aquaculture
Date of text: 10 August 1923

Water Supply and Sanitation

Provision of water services by public utilities or commercial organizations; water supply for domestic, industrial or other purposes; right to safe and clean drinking water and basic sanitation; quality of piped water; sewerage
Date of original text: 23 September 1984 (2021)


The political, social, economic and administrative systems that govern water management and conservation; good practices; good governance; decentralization; water user’s associations
Date of original text: 07 May 1996 (2021)


Waterworks; water supply systems; dams; hydropower systems; irrigation systems
Date of text: 30 December 2004
Date of original text: 29 August 2011 (2021)

Water Resources Management and Water Rights

Ownership and control of water resources; abstraction and diversion of water; allocation and quotas; riparian rights; priority of rights; free water use
Date of original text: 23 September 1997 (2021)
Date of text: 27 August 2008

Water and Environment

Water Quality and Pollution Control

Control of pollution and quality of freshwater bodies and groundwater; agricultural point and non-point sources of pollution; water quality standards
Date of original text: 23 September 1984 (2021)
Date of original text: 23 September 1976 (2021)
Date of text: 30 December 2004


Freshwater resources located below the surface of the earth; aquifers; groundwater abstraction; well-sinking; boreholes; hydrogeology
Date of text: 28 September 2012
Date of text: 29 March 2010

Disaster Resilience

Water-related hazards; flood; drought; water shortage; adaptation to climate change; early warning system/emergency intervention system