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Regional Sharing Event – East Africa Regional Field School Support Hub

24/05/2017 26/05/2017

Several thousands of Field Schools (FS)[1] have been implemented throughout Eastern Africa since the introduction of the approach in Africa the 90s. As the FS approach becomes increasingly popular new issues and challenges emerge, such as how to maintain the quality of FS implementation while scaling up, ensure networking and learning among actors, and ensure links between field level practice and policy and strategic development.

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), is supporting the institutionalization of Field schools in Eastern Africa through a two year project (GCP/SFE/002/SWI) that directly build on a past FS  interventions and lessons learned in the region. The programme consists of two major components; 1) Knowledge sharing, peer networking and support for quality implementation of FS in the region;  2) Support for uptake, integration and institutionalization of FS in national government extension policies and frameworks with a particular focus on Kenya and Ethiopia.

The regional sharing event will provide an opportunity for partners to share the results obtained during the project and plan future activities.

Contact: Edwin Adenya and Deborah Duveskog

[1]The term Field Schools (FS) is here used collectively to represent all various adaptation of the FFS approach i.e. PFS, APFS and others.