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Growing Field Schools: Global to Local Adaptations of Participatory Programs at UBC Botanical Garden


In 2007, a lunch and learn session on FAO Farmer Field Schools inspired a young researcher to consider new ways of supporting participatory and people-centred programming for...

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FAO has published a new Blue Growth blog post online, entitled  Strengthening integrated aquatic plant and animal farming in the rice fields of Lao PDR.


The innovative “Blue Growth” field work done in Lao PDR was supported within context of...

Production system: Aquaculture

In managing the FAW outbreak, pesticides can be harmful, particularly to the environment as they affect non-targeted organisms, like bees. Though often overlooked, there are other, more natural approaches which have proven effective, such as push-pull and other intercropping technologies,...

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The mechanical control intervention against the Fall Armyworm - The case of Embu county pilot project 

An update on the FAW response programme


The situation

The FAO SFE Global Fall Army Worm (FAW) (Spodoptera frugiperda) Emergency...

Production system: Cereals
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