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In collaboration with FAO Office of Asia and Pacific, the Food for the Cities multi-disciplinary initiative organized on November 17-18 in Bangkok, despite of the continuing floods in some part of the city, a regional workshop on Resilient Food Systems in Asian Cities. More than 60 participants from 13 countries, UN agencies, FAO member countries and relevant institutions attended.

The Food, Agriculture and Cities position paper has been distributed to all the participants and was used as background document to work on the basis of some expected outputs described in the concept note of the workshop.


Opening Session

  • Welcome Address - Mr. Hiroyuki Konuma, Assistant Director General / Regional Representative, FAO RAP
  • The Food for the cities multidisciplinary initiative  - Mr. Paul Munro-Faure, Chairperson of FAO Food for the Cities, Rome

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Session One:  Food supply and distribution systems in cities

Session Two:  Ensuring availability and access to  food for all urban population

Session Three: Panel Discussion by Partner Countries/ Agencies

  1. What policies, technical & other interventions are needed to improve food security in cities
  2. Opportunities for investments in food security initiatives
  3.  How importing countries contribute to food security in the region

Session Four:  Ensuring health and nutrition security in cities

Session Five:  Role of different actors and policies

Working groups


Using common guidelines, working groups have identified challenges and priorities:

Conclusions and recommendations

A document has been drafted using the outputs of the different working groups and then discussed in a final plenary session in order to come out with shared conclusions and recommendations.

During the worshop, IRIN - humanitarian news and analysis - has published an article on "Boosting cities' food resilience"


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