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Monday 3 September


(Networking event 44)

Food and agriculture for the urban future

FAO “Food for the Cities” together with UN-HABITAT, ILO, RUAF, ICLEI

Tuesday 4 September


(Media event)


Nutrition security of urban populations

UN Standing Committee on Nutrition

Tuesday 4 September


(Side event 2-A)

Conversation about Linking Farmers to Local Buyers: Opportunities, Challenges and Successes

Alison Blay-Palmer - Wilfried Laurier University

Kevin Morgan – Cardiff university

Tuesday 4 September

16h30 – 18h30

(Networking event 88)

 “Reduce risk  and vulnerabilities in providing equitable reconstruction solutions after urban disasters”

International Federation of the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity

Wednesday 5 September

12h00 – 13h30

(Side event 15)

Green Cities for Health and Wellbeing – The key role of trees, forests and urban planning for resilient cities

FAO “Urban and Peri-urban Forestry” programme

Wednesday 5 September

13h30 – 16h00

(Round table)

Global Land Tool Network - Presentation of the newly endorsed Voluntary Guidelines on the responsible governance of tenure of land, forests and fisheries in the context of national food security


1-7 September

(WUF6 exhibition hall)

FAO booth