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La plateforme mondiale sur la sécurité sanitaire des aliments pour animaux


Glyphosate: safety of residue levels reviewed

17/05/2018, EFSA
EFSA has completed its review of the maximum levels of glyphosate that are legally permitted to be present in food. The review is based on data on glyphosate residues in food submitted to EFSA by all EU Member States.

Interview: "No antibiotics ever at Perdue Farms in the US"

09/05/2018, AllAboutFeed
You better get used to it, because you will hear the term NAE, or ‘No Antibiotics Ever’ more often in the future. Perdue Foods, one of the biggest poultry producers in the US has been producing NAE birds for many

3rd Regional Fodder and Range Platform in IGAD Member States to enhance Feed Security, 11-12th April 2018, Naivasha- Kenya

18/04/2018, IGAD
Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN) have been implementing a Partnership Program (PP) funded by Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) which supports the improvement of community’s and households’ food and nutrition

East African states remove animal feed tax

03/04/2018, world-grain.com
Governments in East Africa recently have made animal feed costs cheaper by removing a tax on the raw materials used in their production, although livestock farmers in the region are grappling with frequent droughts that impact the supply of commodities

Profesionales pecuarios del SAG participaron en importante reunión en Montevideo

19/03/2018, SAG Chile
Dentro del marco del Proyecto “Armonización Regulatoria e Inocuidad de los Alimentos para Animales en América Latina y El Caribe”, dos profesionales del Subdepartamento de Alimentos para Animales de la División de Protección Pecuaria del SAG participaron en la 7° reunión de Comité Mixto Público-Privado

Cargill: Consumers weigh in on feed supplement use

23/02/2018, FeedNavigator.com
Cargill looks to track consumer interest, awareness with animal feed supplement-focused survey, says president.

Alltech: technology brings new roles, transparency to the feed industry

08/02/2018, FeedNavigator.com
Blockchain, senor technology and artificial intelligence are some of the technological innovations that bring the promise of change to the feed and animal production industries, says innovation officer.

Feed regulators and industry from around the world discuss critical issues with IFIF and FAO at 11th International Feed Regulators Meeting (IFRM)

31/01/2018, IFIF
The 11th IFRM organized by IFIF in cooperation with the FAO brought together a record number of participants from across the world to discuss critical issues facing the feed sector with IFIF and the FAO.

From global to local – the move towards European self-sufficiency for animal feeds

12/01/2018, FeedNavigator.com
Ruud Tijssens, director of corporate affairs, at Dutch feed group Agrifirm, will be presenting on the regional raw material protein production trend at Feed Protein Vision.

FAO and the feed industry worldwide continue strengthening a long-standing partnership for the sustainable production of safe feed and food

13/11/2017, FAO
The strong collaboration between FAO and the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) demonstrates how the public and private sector can successfully address critical issues of the feed and food chain.
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