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... and who is a member

Not all users can or would wish to become a member of FFOA. To become a member certain conditions have to be met.

By clicking here (Membership) you can easily discover what these conditions are.

Members are obviously more involved with the interests and affairs of the Association than users. Members belong to the extended family of retired staff members of the United Nations system of organizations, agencies and other bodies all over the world and they share common interests and attitudes.

Members also have a vote when they participate in the FFOA General Assembly which is usually held once a year at the end of May.

The FFOA office keeps members regularly informed of what is happening through the publication of a newsletter and assists them when they need help with matters concerning pensions, health care, etc.

Through their membership, members are represented in the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund, in the Staff Pension Committee and the Joint Advisory Committee on Medical Coverage of FAO.

Members feel at home in the Association where they recognize the atmosphere of international and intercultural ties which they built up during the time they were on active duty and which have become a lifestyle they have in common.

Through their membership they have an opportunity to meet and exchange views and experiences with their old friends and colleagues.

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