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 Spanish: Desarrollo de la acuicultura. 5. Uso de peces silvestres como alimento en acuicultura  
 French: Le développement de l’aquaculture. 5. L’utilisation des poissons sauvages comme aliment en aquaculture.  
  Russian: РАЗВИТИЕ АКВАКУЛЬТУРЫ 5. Использование диких рыб в качестве кормов  
 Chinese: 水产养殖的发展。5. 利用野生鱼类作为水产养殖饲料  
   English Aquaculture development. 5. Use of wild fish as feed in aquaculture
   EnglishThese technical guidelines on the use of wild fish as feed in aquaculture have been developed to support sections of FAOâ¿¿s Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (CCRF) addressing responsible fisheries management (Article 7) and aquaculture development (Article 9) and in particular in support of Articles 9.1.3 , 9.1.4 and 9.4.3. The objective of these guidelines is to assist those concerned to ensure both aquaculture growth and equitable and sustained use of available fish stocks. The guidelines cover a number of issues relevant to the use of wild fish in feeds in aquaculture, ranging from ecosystem and environmental impacts, ethical issues and responsible use of fish as feed, aquaculture technology and development, and statistics and information needs for management. However, issues relating fisheries management are not covered here, as these have been considered within separate sets of guidelines related to fisheries management and there exist several sets of technical guidelines on the sustainable management of fisheries and several continuing initiatives to improve sustainable management of fisheries which inter alia would also apply to feed-fish fisheries.
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Bibliographical referenceFAO. Aquaculture development. 5. Use of wild fish as feed in aquaculture. FAO Technical Guidelines for Responsible Fisheries. No. 5, Suppl. 5. Rome, FAO. 2011. 79p.
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