English Livelihood systems¿ profiling - Mixed methods for the analysis of poverty and vulnerability
   EnglishThis document presents a set of methods for the characterization of livelihood systems experiencing situations of poverty and vulnerability. Such concepts are fluid and vary according to different epistemologies of reality. The methodological work that informs this document respects the plurality of voices that can emerge in the process of understanding the complexity of livelihood systems. It does so by utilizing contextualities and contingencies as the production ground from which definitions of poverty, vulnerability and food security emerge. These ideas materialize in the application of ¿fuzzy sets¿ statistical analysis as well as in the utilization of ¿Likert scale¿ modules to determine relative poverty levels in a given population. Both methods permit the treatment of poverty and vulnerability in their multiple dimensions, showing how the levels of poverty and vulnerability experienced by an individual or a household in the same sample vary according to the variables considered. SFLP (Sustainable Fisheries Livelihoods Programme) PMEDP (Programme pour des moyens d'existence durables)
Author(s)F. Pittaluga, N. Salvati, C. Seghieri
Type of publicationBook
Publication year2004
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Agrovoc Africa, Artisanal fisheries, Central Africa, Fisheries, Sustainable livelihoods, West Africa
Categories Fisheries and aquaculture - General aspects
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