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Programme name: BOBP - Bay of Bengal Programme
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BOBP - Bay of Bengal Programme - Reports till December 2000
   Project reports (not in a Series) -   
BOBP - Bay of Bengal Programme - Archives from 1979-2000
   Project reports (not in a Series) -   
Guide to simple repairs of FRP boats in a tropical climate
   Project reports (not in a Series) - MAG27  
 MAG27  2010  EN
   Project reports (not in a Series) - Field document 10  
 Field document 10  2010  EN
TRAINING MANUAL on the construction of FRP beach landing boats
   Project reports (not in a Series) - REP119  
 REP119  2010  EN
Safety at Sea - Safety Guide for Small Fishing Boats- BOBP/REP/112
   Project reports (not in a Series) - REP112  
 REP112  2009  EN
Traditional fisheries management systems in six provinces of Indonesia: North Sumatra, West Sumatra, Aceh, Jambi, South Sumatra and Riau
   Non serial publications - REP89  
 REP89  2002  EN
Report of the Expert Consultation on Cleaner Fishery Harbours and Fish Quality Assurance - BOBP/REP/84
-Chennai, India; 25-28 October, 1999
   Non serial publications - REP84  
 REP84  2000  EN
Learnings of the Third Phase of the Bay of Bengal Programme for Coastal Fisheries Management, 1994-1999 - BOBP/REP/85
   Non serial publications - REP85  
 REP85  2000  EN
Report of the Regional Symposium on Marine Protected Areas and Their Management - BOBP/REP/86
-Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia; 1-4 November, 1999
   Non serial publications - REP86  
 REP86  2000  EN
A Review of the Status and Trends of Exported Ornamental Fish Resources and Their Habitats in Sri Lanka - BOBP/REP/88
   Non serial publications - REP88  
 REP88  2000  EN
Report of the National Workshop on the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries - BOBP/REP/90
-Chennai, India; 29- 30 September, 2000
   Non serial publications - REP90  
 REP90  2000  EN
An Acoustic Approach to Resource Mapping of Pulau Payar’s Coral Reef - BOBP/REP/87
   Non serial publications - REP87  
 REP87  2000  EN
The Bay of Bengal Programme: Publications and Video List – BOBP/INF/14
   Project reports (not in a Series) - INF14  
 INF14  1999  EN
Report of the Twenty-fourthmeeting of the Advisory Committee - BOBP/REP/83
-Phuket,, Thailand; 13-16 October, 1999
   Non serial publications - REP83  
 REP83  1999  EN
Fishery Harbour Manual on the Prevention of Pollution - Bay of Bengal Programme
   Project reports (not in a Series) - MAG22  
 MAG22  1999  EN
Report of the Regional Workshop on the Precautionary Approach to Fishery Management - BOBP\REP\82
-Medan, Indonesia; 25-28 February, 1997
   Non serial publications - REP82  
 REP82  1999  EN
Report of the Twenty-second Meeting of the Advisory Committee. - BOBP/REP/77
-New Delhi, India; 23-24 September, 1997
   Non serial publications - REP77  
 REP77  1998  EN
Report of the Workshop on Smart Partnerships for Sustainability in the Fishing Industry - BOBP/REP/81
-Penang, Malaysia; 26-28 November, 1997
   Non serial publications - REP81  
 REP81  1998  EN
Report and Proceedings of the Sri Lanka/FAO National Workshop on Development of Community-based Fishery Management - BOBP/REP/72
-Colombo; 3-5 October 1994
   Non serial publications - REP72  
 REP72  1998  EN
Carrying Capacity Assessment of Pulau Payar Marine Park, Malaysia - Bay of Bengal Programme
   Non serial publications - REP79  
 REP79  1998  EN
Community-based Fisheries Management in Phang-nga Bay, Thailand - BOBP/REP/78
-Phuket, Thailand; 14-16 February 1996
   Non serial publications - REP78  
 REP78  1998  EN
Report of the Twenty-third Meeting of the Advisory Committee - BOBP/REP/80
-Negombo, Sri Lanka; 27-28 March, 1998
   Non serial publications - REP80  
 REP80  1998  EN
Regional Workshop on the Conservation and Sustainable Management of Coral Reefs
   Project reports (not in a Series) - Vol.1  
 Vol.1  1997  EN
Report of the Twenty-first Meeting of the Advisory Committee - BOBP/REP/75
-Bangkok, Thailand; 12-13 February, 1997
   Non serial publications - REP75  
 REP75  1997  EN
Workshop on Integrated Reef Resources Management in the Maldives - Bay of Bengal Programme
   Non serial publications - REP76  
 REP76  1997  EN
Fishes of the Maldives - (Madras 1997) - BOBP/MAG/21
   Project reports (not in a Series) - MAG21  
 MAG21  1997  EN
Report of the Twentieth Meeting of the Advisory Committee - BOBP/REP/73
-Pulau Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia; March 26-29, 1996
   Non serial publications - REP73  
 REP73  1996  EN
Towards Sustainability: Needs and Concerns of Aquatic Resources and Fisheries in the Bay of Bengal Region - BOBP/REP/71
-A report submitted to the JOFC Committee for the Development and Management of Fisheries in the Bay of Bengal (BOBC)
   Non serial publications - REP71  
 REP71  1996  EN
National Workshop on Fisheries Resources Development and Management in Bangladesh - Bay of Bengal Programme
   Project reports (not in a Series) - REP74  
 REP74  1995  EN
Report of the Nineteenth Meeting of the Advisory Committee - BOBP/REP/70
-Jakarta, Indonesia; 16- 17 January, 1995
   Non serial publications - REP70  
 REP70  1995  EN
Fisheries Extension Services for Coastal Provinces: Learnings from a Project in Ranong, Thailand - BOBP/REP/68
   Non serial publications - REP68  
 REP68  1994  EN
Biosocioeconomics of Fishing for Shrimp in Kuala Sepetang, Malaysia-BOBP/WP/98
   Project reports (not in a Series) - WP98  
 WP98  1994  EN
Biosocioeconomic Assessment of the Effects of Fish Aggregating Devices in the Tuna Fishery in the Maldives - BOBP/WP/95
   Project reports (not in a Series) - WP95  
 WP95  1994  EN
Biosocioeconomics of Fishing for Shrimp in the Langkat District - BOBP/WP/99
   Project reports (not in a Series) - WP99  
 WP99  1994  EN
Biosocioeconomic Assessment of the Effect of the Estuarine Set Bagnet on the Marine Fisheries of Bangladesh - BOBP/WP/94
   Project reports (not in a Series) - WP94  
 WP94  1994  EN
The Effect of Artificial Reef Installation on the Biosocioeconomics of Small-Scale Fisheries in Ranong Province, Thailand-BOBP/WP/97
   Project reports (not in a Series) - WP97  
 WP97  1994  EN
BOBP Third Phase Publications (1994 - 2000) - BOBP/INF/15
   Project reports (not in a Series) - INF15  
 INF15  1994  EN
Biosocioeconomics of Fishing for Small Pelagics along The Southwest Coast of Sri Lanka - BOBP/WP/96
   Project reports (not in a Series) - WP96  
 WP96  1994  EN
Learning by Doing in Bangladesh - Extension Systems Development for Coastal and Estuarine Fisherfolk Communities - BOBP/REP/65
   Non serial publications - REP65  
 REP65  1994  EN
Dealing With Fishery Harbour Pollution - The Phuket Experience - BOBP/WP/93
   Project reports (not in a Series) - WP93  
 WP93  1994  EN
Fisheries Extension Services in the Maldives - BOBP/REP/62
   Non serial publications - REP62  
 REP62  1994  EN
An Environmental Assessment Of The Bay Of Bengal Region - BOBP/REP/67
   Non serial publications - REP67  
 REP67  1994  EN
Promotion of Small-scale Shrimp and Prawn Hatcheries in India and Bangladesh - BOBP/REP/66
   Non serial publications - REP66  
 REP66  1994  EN
Report Of The Eighteenth Meeting Of The Advisory Committe - BOBP/REP/69
-Furana Fushi, Maldives; April 16-19, 1994
   Non serial publications - REP69  
 REP69  1994  EN
Chandi Boat Motorization Projects in Bhola, Bangladesh and Their Impacts - BOBP/REP/64
   Non serial publications - REP64  
 REP64  1994  EN
Cage Nursery Rearing of Shrimp and Prawn Fry in Bangladesh - BOBP/WP/92
   Project reports (not in a Series) - WP92  
 WP92  1994  EN
Extension Services for Small-Scale Fisheries in Ranong, Thailand - BOBP/MAG/15
- Guideline for Fisheries Extension in the Coastal Provinces of Thailand
   Project reports (not in a Series) - MAG15  
 MAG15  1993  TH
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