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Key LTR Personnel
Prof. Ossi V. Lindqvist
Head of Department of Applied Zoology and Veterinary Medicine,
University of Kuopio, Finland
Email: OssiV.Lindqvist@uku.fi
LTR Scientific Coordinator (1992 - present).
Prof. Hannu Mölsä
Department of Applied Zoology and Veterinary Medicine,
University of Kuopio, Finland
Email: Hannu.Molsa@uku.fi
LTR Deputy Scientific Coordinator (1992 - present).
Dr. George Hanek
FAO staff member - Bujumbura, Burundi
Email: ltrbdi@cbinf.com
LTR Project Coordinator (1992 - present).
Dr. Timo Huttula
Senior scientist; Häme Environmental Agency, Tampere, Finland
Email: Timo.Huttula@vyh.fi
LTR leader of hydrodynamic modelling component (1993 - 1997).
Prof. Jussi Parkkinen
Department of Computer Science, University of Joensuu, Finland
Email: Jussi.Parkkinen@joensuu.fi
LTR leader of remote sensing component (1994 - 1995).
Dr. Pierre-Denis Plisnier
Email: pierre-denis.plisnier@arcadis.be
FAO expert in LTR/Mpulungu (1992 - 1995) & LTR leader of limnology component.
Prof. Jouko Sarvala
Department of Biology, University of Turku, Finland
Email: jousar@utu.fi
LTR leader of trophic structure assessment component (1993 - 1999).
Dr. Ilppo Vuorinen
Archipelago Research Institute, University of Turku, Finland
Email: Ilppo.Vuorinen@utu.fi
LTR leader of zooplankton biology component (1993 - 1997).
Dr. Kalevi Salonen
Biological and Environmental Science, University of Jyväskylä
Email: arisalon@cc.jyu.fi
LTR leader of carbon energy component (1993 - 1996).
Dr. Liisa Kuusipalo
Department of Biology, University of Joensuu, Finland
Email: Liisa.Kuusipalo@joensuu.fi
LTR leader of fish genetics component (1993 - 1994).
Dr. Piero Mannini
Email: samaki@tin.it
FAO expert in LTR/Kigoma (1992 - 1997) & LTR leader of fish biology component.
Dr. Joanna Szczucka
Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Sopot, Poland
Email: szczucka@iopan.gda.pl
FAO expert/consultant and the LTR leader in hydroacoustic component (1997 - 1998).
Mr. Eric Coenen
Email: eric.coenen@glo.be
FAO expert in LTR/Bujumbura (1992 - 1995) and LTR leader of fish abundance (fisheries statistics) component.
Dr. John. F. Craig
Email: jfcraig523@cs.com
FAO expert in LTR/Kigoma (1995 - 1996) with responsibility for SSP database.
Dr. J. Eric Reynolds
Email: jeric@sprynet.com
First FAO expert/consultant to be assigned to LTR (late 1991, for information base assessment); later served as project leader for socio-economic investigations and fisheries development planning studies during 1997-1999.

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