Fisheries Linked Open Datarel.0.4


The FISHERIES LINKED OPEN DATA (FLOD), is an FI asset that integrates data from diverse data sources within and outside FAO.

The sources used by FLOD identify a participatory network of data providers that remain otherwise autonomous, the so-called FLOD network. FLOD sits at the logical center of the network and contains a core of codelists sourced by FI in the domains of:

  • gear types
  • vessel types
  • marine species
  • fishing Areas
  • statistical countries (Flagstates)
  • regional Fisheries Bodies

We have then linked this core to Linked Data versions of the sources available in the network, including:

  • GAUL (geo-administrative domain, FAO)
  • AQUAMAPS (specie distribution domain, external)
  • ECOSCOPE (species observation domain, external)
  • MARINE REGIONS (fishing waters jurisdiction, external)
  • WORMS (marine species domain, external)
where the links explicitate:
  • reference between FI codelists (e.g. a given species caught in a given water area with a given type of gear);
  • references to FI codelists from sources in the network.

The providers themselves act as clients of FLOD services so as to retrieve their original data enriched with information available in the network as a whole.

Finally, we have exposed specific extracts of the integrated data through Web Services that can answer competency questions like the following:

What are the FAO fishing areas where Tanzanian vessels are allowed to fish, considering jurisdictional and fishery agreements criteria?