Table 7. Suggested fertilization schedule for different types of carp culture ponds
Type of pond/Stocking density Type of fertilizer Rate of application Frequency
Nursery pond      
  Organic manure    
6.25 million /ha Cow dung 5,000 to 15,000 kg/ha In one installment at least 14-15 
for 2 weeks     days before stocking
    Spaced manuring  
    10,000 kg/ha 15 days prior to stocking
    5,000 kg/ha 7 days after stocking
    5,500 kg/ha Immediately after the removal
      of the first crop, when more 
      than one crop is raised
  Mustard oil cake + cow dung + 6:3:1 ratio at 1,000  
  poultry manure ppm for the culture of  
    zooplankton for carp spawn  
  Inorganic fertilizer    
  Nitrogen:Phosphorus 4:1 ratio  
  Nitrogen:Phosphorus: 8:4:2 ppm Weekly
  N:P:K: 18:8:4 500 kg/ha After liming at 200 kg/ha
  Mustard oil cake + 6:8:4:N:P:K On equivalent nutrient  
    basis at 12 kg N/ha  
Rearing pond      
200,000 to 300.000 / ha Organic manure    
  Cow dung 3-7 tonnes/ha/year In rearing ponds,  50%
  or or of the total requirement is applied
Combined density of Biogas slurry 5.5 - 12 tonnes/ha/year 15-20 days prior to stocking of
4,000 to 10,000 fingerlings and and fry and the remainder in two equal
per ha. Cow dung 2.5-5 tonnes/ha/year monthly applications during rearing 
  or or period. 
  Biogas slurry 10-30 tonnes/ha/year  
  or or  
  Poultry dropping 5-15 tonnes/ha/year  
Rearing pond Inorganic fertilizers    
  Urea 108-152 kg/ha/year Should be applied in equal 
  Calcium ammonium nitrate 200-280 kg/ha/year monthly applications alternately
  Ammonium sulphate 250-380 kg/ha/year with organic manure with a
      gap of about a fortnight.
  Single super phosphate 156-312 kg/ha/year Weekly. The first installment
      is given seven days after
      initial organic manuring.
  Murate of potash 16-32 kg/ha/year In equal monthly applications
  Sulphate of potash 20-40 kg/ha/year  
Stocking pond Urea 163-326 kg/ha/year Same as in rearing pond.
  Calcium ammonium nitrate 300-600 kg/ha//year  
  Ammonium sulphate 375-750 kg/ha/year  
  Single super phosphate 250-468 kg/ha/year Same as in rearing pond.
  Murate of potash 41-66 kg/ha/year Same as in rearing pond
  Sulphate of potash 52-83 kg/ha/year