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The ASFA printed journals are distributed in limited quantities (as entitlements) to the ASFA Partners. They are also made available to the public on a subscription basis from the Publishing ASFA Partner CSA (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts). 

  • ASFA-1, Biological Sciences and Living Resources - Covers all aspects of marine, freshwater, and brackish water organisms and environments including: information on biology and ecology of aquatic organisms, exploitation of living resources (fisheries), and related legal, policy, and socio-economic issues. (Monthly: 22,000 references/year).
  • ASFA-2, Ocean Technology, Policy and Non-Living Resources - Covers physical and chemical oceanography and limnology, marine geophysics, and geochemistry, marine technology, ocean policy and non-living marine resources. (Bimonthly: 9,600 references/year).
  • ASFA-3, Aquatic Pollution and Environmental Quality - Covers marine, brackish and freshwater pollution and environmental quality. (Bimonthly: 6,600 references/year).
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