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ASFA currently has five working groups, each focused on a specific area of the ASFA Partnerships information products and services. Working Groups have chairs and co-chairs who are responsible for leading the group and reporting to the ASFA Board. Each group has individual Terms of Reference however all groups report quarterly to the ASFA Advisory Board. Participation in the Working Groups is open to ASFA Partners, Collaborating Centres and Associates. For details on how to join, contact the ASFA Secretariat: [email protected].

Impact and Strategies Working Group (ISWG)
This working group was formed at the 2018 ASFA Advisory Board Meeting (originally named as Impact Evaluation Working Group (IEWG), name changed to ISWG in 2019). The initial aim of the group was to undertake and coordinate an impact evaluation of ASFA, however the group has evolved to be directly responsible for improving ASFA’s impact and use for fisheries, aquatic science and aquaculture stakeholders. Among other areas, the group is responsible for implementing ASFA’s Grey Literature Strategy, to include setting up regional networks to improve the coverage of Grey Literature; developing a scheme for collaboration between Associates and Partners, and; ensuring effective use of the ASFA Trust Fund to benefit ASFA stakeholders.

Controlled Vocabulary Working Group (CVWG)
This working group is responsible for managing and editing the ASFA Subject Vocabulary, ensuring fisheries, aquatic sciences and aquaculture keywords are fully represented. The group is also responsible for Geographic and Taxonomic terms are recorded correctly in ASFA records.

Software Working Group (SWG)
The group was established in late 2018 to help select and develop new software for creating ASFA records. Having already helped to select new software, the group will be heavily involved in the development and testing stages.

Partnership Agreement Working Group (PAWG)
This working group was formed at the 2019 ASFA Advisory Board Meeting and will be responsible for updating the Partnership Agreement ASFA has with its Partners. Revisions will focus on the responsibilities and entitlements Partners and ASFA should each have, with the aim of ensuring the Partnership Agreement reflects the opportunities and benefits of joining ASFA to a wide range of institutions.

50-Year Anniversary Committee (50YAC)
This committee was formed at the 2019 ASFA Advisory Board Meeting and will be responsible for preparing communications and promotional material in advance of ASFA’s 50th Anniversary Year (2021). A monograph and timeline of ASFA are among the materials being prepared.

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