Capture fisheries resources are highly diverse and depend on responsible management decisions and practices for their sustainable development.



Thematic areas

This section presents cross cutting thematic areas relevant to fisheries and aquatic living resources. They contain in depth information about major issues, policy, status and trends.

Tuna: a global perspective


Fact Sheets

This section of the gateway page includes specific subject information and profiles supported by graphics (GIS maps and images, etc.). The Fact Sheets contain a synthesis of information tailored to illustrate the various characteristics of each broad capture fisheries subject. Search, navigation and information tools are also accessible.The information domains treated by the Fact Sheets are:

Fisheries Resources

Fishing Technology

Fisheries Governance



Access and query the FAO/Fisheries time-series online using query panels. The datasets used are organized into World Fishery Statistics and Tuna Statistics.

Capture Fishery Statistics

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