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Article 4 of the Code of Conduct states, inter alia, that FAO will report regularly to the Committee on Fisheries (COFI) concerning the implementation of the Code.

Progress reports, based on the responses to the questionnaires on the implementation of the Code and its Articles, are produced regularly and considered by COFI, COFI/AQ and COFI/FT.

Recent progress reports on the implementation of the Code include improved information on the activities of RFBs and NGOs.

There has been a substantial increase in the response rate to the questionnaire, which in turns resulted in the possibility of analyzing important information on the activities and applications of the Code at the various levels, hence making the key findings of the progress report more valuable.

The progress reports can be retrieved here.

Countries, IGOs, NGOs and other institutions are invited to provide information in respect to their experiences in implementing of the Code.
Please write to us: send an email
FAO will consider making this information available on this site.

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