EAF Steps

  • Activity 1.1 - Initial process planning and determining stakeholder support
  • Activity 4.1 - Develop an operational plan and monitor its progress


To more effectively and efficiently develop and monitor progress for the completion of complex EAF roadmaps and the implementation of complex EAF management plans by having all the activities, milestones, personnel, resources loaded within a single software package that can assist monitor and communicate progress.


Project management software covers the many types of software, including estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control and budget management, resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, quality management and documentation or administration systems used to deal with the complexity of large projects.

EAF Tool Tips

These programs are only likely to be useful for very complicated and valuable fisheries that involve multiple agencies and stakeholder groups where there is a high degree of computer literacy and ability to connect and report interactively by computer.

A cost benefit may need to be undertaken to see if there will be a benefit from using this approach or if it will just add to the complexity and frustration.

EAF Tool Pedigree

These packages are widely used for businesses and particularly for construction projects. Some elements of these systems such as Gannt charts are also more commonly used than the entire package but these can be generated using spreadsheets.

EAF Tool Synergy

The more simple heading structures can be used in the first instance to collate the information and then determine if it is sensible to go to the next step of entering it into and using such types of software packages.

EAF Tool Usage

Fairly hard


Moderate, High

While many software packages are ‘free’ these often only allow some functions to be used or for the software to be used on a trial basis. Most will require the purchase of the software at some point. This however is the least costly aspect as the real cost is in the resources needed to learn how to use it effectively. This may involve completion of courses or just considerable time in using it before it will become a valuable asset rather than a hindrance. There is also a concern for how many staff need to know how to use it before it can really assist.

EAF Tool Capacity

Moderate – High

At least some users need to be very proficient in the use of package so they can assist most users will need at least basic understanding. This will usually require someone with not only computer skills but also some programming skills as to get the best out of these packages often requires generating some fancy queries that are based on standard computer programming languages.

Background Requirements

Low – Moderate

To enter the all the data needed will require a fair degree of preliminary analysis and documentation of all aspects to be covered by the project plan.


Low - Moderate

This is a tool for in-house monitoring and review but there can be some value generated from these where they generate information that can be used to circulate on progress to stakeholders.

Time Range

Moderate – Long

This is a tool that, if it is to be useful, needs to be used for the life of the project. There iwill generally be no point just using it for a small amount of time. If it is not to be used in an ongoing manner, merely use the heading and not bother entering all the data into the system.

Source of Information

Comparison of project management software Internet resource
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