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Data Source  
The information provided in the database is primarily based on material previously published within scientific journals, technical reports and also from web sites. Where possible the material that is presented is currently located within the FAO library which should make access simpler.
Quality Assurance  
The Fisheries and Aquaculture Department makes the commitment to have the EAF Toolbox web-site updated as regularly possible. The policy applied for the development of this collection of EAF Fact Sheets is:

i) Content authorship: the summary descriptions of the EAF Tool Fact Sheets have been drafted by a number of groups (authors are noted) while striving to maintain consistency and harmonised presentation across the whole collection these descriptions were therefore reviewed and validated by the EAF Toolbox group before publication.

ii) Up-to-date information: there should be as little discrepancy as possible between the information contained in the summaries and the information contained in more detailed publications on these tools. When updates have occurred this will be indicated in the date field when the pages were last published.
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