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The EAF Tool Database provides access to descriptions of all the tools that have been identified that could assist facilitators, managers and planners move through each of the four steps required for the adoption of the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries (EAF) into their management plans in an efficient and effective manner.
Each of these tool fact sheets includes an overview description of how the tool works along with information that can assist whether it will be the most appropriate tool for use within a specific fishery. These criteria include the cost, what background information and resources and capacity are required to use the tool effectively, stakeholder participation it will generate plus user tips on when the tool is likely to work well or not. Because the EAF Toolbox is largely focused at assisting fishery planning in developing countries, the information provided on more complex or expensive methods and tools is generally less detailed than is provided for the simpler methods.

While some of the tools are specific to fisheries management planning, many cover general planning activities, consultation and facilitation which would be relevant to any planning and implementation process.
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