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nems_imageFAO Aquaculture Newsletter (FAN) 57 is out
ABSTRACT This issue of FAN contains an invited editorial on considerations related to nutrition and aquaculture vision for the future and four main sections on: (1) Global aquaculture updates with an article [more…]
nems_imageCWP - Report of the Fifth Meeting of the Aquaculture Subject Group and the Twenty-sixth ...
The CWP Subject Groups - Aquaculture (CWP-AS) and Fisheries (CWP-FS) met in June 2017 to address matters related with the intersessional program for each Subject Group. The meeting reviewed the progress made [more…]
nems_imageFAO WriteShop 3 on Responsible Management of Bacterial Diseases in Aquaculture, 3-5 August ...
Click for enlarged image One of the most serious pathogen groups causing devastating effects to cultured species in aquaculture are bacterial pathogens. However, not so much attention is given to this group [more…]
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The Code sets out principles and international standards of behavior for responsible practices with a view to ensuring the effective conservation, management and development of living aquatic resources, with due respect for the ecosystem and biodiversity. The Code recognizes the nutritional, economic, social, environmental and cultural importance of fisheries and the interests of all stakeholders of the fishing and aquaculture industries… [Continue]


The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture
The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture, the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department's flagship publication issued every two years, provides a comprehensive, objective and global view of capture fisheries and aquaculture.
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