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Equipment Class: Fishing technologyEquipment Type: Gear handling
Capstan  consists of one vertically-mounted warping head. Used for hauling ropes, it has the advantage that it can take ropes coming from any horizontal direction without the need for guiding blocks and other rope leading systems, provided that the rope is perpendicular to the capstan shaft and approximately on the same horizontal plane as the warping head.

It is also easy to slip a rope on a capstan, thus reducing the hauling speed, or just hold the rope to maintain a steady pull while the capstan is still in motion. It is often used on board very small seiners for purse line hauling. A capstan can be made out of an old truck rear axle.
Warping heads for self made capstan, windlasses and small winches can be made also of hard timber. If cast iron or other available metal warping heads are too small, they can be overlaid with hard wood planks seized to the heads.

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