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Equipment Class: Fishing technologyEquipment Type: Fish handling and processing
Fish pump is an apparatus to transfer fish from net to boat, or from boat to dock.
Fish pumpModern fish pumps of various makes
Fish pump
Courtesy MARCO

The transfer of fish from the dried up bunt of the seine into the seiner's fish hold has been for decades an arduous and time consuming task. The use of fish pumps to replace the traditional brailers was only a question of time, especially in the larger and medium size purse seiners. Nowadays, where justified by huge catches, fish pumps are installed even in some of the smaller seiners 18 m to 24 m class.
Modern fish pumps come in various sizes and capacities with the largest ones able to deliver on board up to 1 000-1 300 t/h of water-fish mixture using some 75 HP of the engine's output. Usually, they can driven from the ship's existing hydraulic system. Some pumps can be lowered down to a depth of 15 m, an important feature when the captured fish sound or 'drown' and sink to the bottom of the net.
Some modern fish pumps create positive water pressure to push the fish and water up the hose and on board the seiner. This allows the use of lightweight flexible hoses that are easy to handle and to roll for storing when not in use.

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