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Equipment Class: Fishing technologyEquipment Type: Environmental measures
Medina panels constructed of fine mesh webbing, Medina panels sewn into the upper part of the purse seine net protected dolphins from becoming tangled.
Medina panels: design of a porpoise safety panel
Medina panels

Named after the Californian skipper who first used it, this is a panel of relatively small mesh netting (50 mm or less) sewn into the purse seine at the distance of about 1/3 of the floatline length from the bunt-end tip, to surround the apex of the backdown area where porpoises are most likely to come in contact with the net. Usually it is one or two strips deep and 330 m long. The longer Medina panel the more effective it is, especially fitted into the net throughout the bunches area and as near the bunt as practical.

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