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Equipment Class: Fishing technologyEquipment Type: Environmental measures
NAFTED is similar in design to the Nordmore grid with the exception that the bars of the grid are modified to prevent blockage of sponges and other debris, and a weighted flap of netting extends over the top of the exit opening to prevent prawn loss. Grid angle is 45-60 degrees from the vertical. Bar spacing is typically 100 mm and a panel of netting is used to guide all animals to the bottom of the grid. The escape opening is located in the top of the codend.


Prawn loss may be due to incorrect grid angle, grid blockage or poor guiding panel performance. High grid angles may increase the distance between the guiding panel and grid and allow prawns to escape. Increasing the length of the guiding panel or adding weights to the end of the panel may prevent prawn loss. Grid blockage by sponges, coral etc. may be caused by low grid angles or poor grid design. Increasing the size of the exit hole between panel and codend my reduce this problem.

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