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Equipment Class: Fishing technologyEquipment Type: Gear handling
Power block is a mechanized pulley used to haul in nets, purse seine, etc.
Power blockVariants of the Puretic-type power block
Power block

During the last decades, fishermen and deck equipment manufacturers introduced various ingenious innovations aimed to reducing manpower on board and facilitating the working procedure during fishing operations. One such innovation was the power block. No single invention has contributed more to the success of purse seine net hauling than extensive line of Power Blocks.

Power blockPurse seines hauled by a power block
Power block

First introduced in the 1950's the Puretic Power Block line became the linch-pin in the mechanization of purse seining. Combined with fluid hydraulic power technology and new large synthetic nets, it changed the whole character of purse seine fishing.
The original Puretic power block was driven by an endless rope from the warping head of a winch. Such power blocks seem to be now used rarely, if at all. Equally rare are electrically driven power blocks advertised in the Russian fishing press about a decade ago. Nowdays, as a rule, power blocks are driven by hydraulic pumps driven from the main or auxiliary engine. They are remotely controlled and, depending on size and make, their rpm, pull and direction can be adjusted during the operation.

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