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Equipment Class: Fishing technologyEquipment Type: Environmental measures
Squaremesh window allows fish to escape upwards through the large square mesh, while the shrimps that do not swim as well as fish pass into the codend.
Square mesh window
Square mesh window

This BRD is simply a panel of large meshes, for example 100 mm, orientated so they remain open during the shot. It is normally located in the trawl extension immediately ahead of the codend. This is in contrast to diamond meshes which tend to close under tension. The size of fish able to escape will depend on the mesh size. More than one mesh size may be used in the window to improve escapement rates and prevent prawn loss. Square mesh windows are usually made from knotted netting. After considerable use the knots may slip and the mesh opening become distorted. Replacement of the window is necessary. Knotless netting is recommended, however, the large mesh size may be difficult to obtain. The size of the window will be based on personal choice, as will the mesh size.

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